Sunday, December 26, 2010

My dinner

yumm yummm ~ Acar-acar for tonight's dinner ....
specially from ahThan's mom <3 i love acar-acar!
Thank you aunty !

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MY 1st anniversary.

i'm counting down for MY 1st anniversary.
14days to go!
because ahThan said it's not that important to him , it will not be his 1st "first anniversary"
he asked me to celebrate the "anniversary" 4 years later with him >.<
ish..spoiled my mood for being happy and wanna be romantic ....

-It's the 3rd year that we celebrated Christmas together  <3-
-See the 1st and 2nd year 's picture ~-

frankly speaking, i don't dare expect for the 4th-year ...
hmmm should i say i can't guarantee anything for this stage,

both of us are still young, playful and fresh for everything
things change from time to time, and unexpected things usually happens suddenly.

but i appreciated and enjoyed every moment spent with him.
i love the feeling of having him in my mind and heart all the times.
i love the feeling of cuddling, hugging and falling asleep on his arm
i love the feeling of seeing every single expression of him
i love the feeling of loving him.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A quick one

Internet connection in my house is damn damn damn bad ,
how come Bukit Tinggi so lousy? not supporting anything more than 1mbps?!
i want Unifi !! atleast give me 2mbps la ! 

My lovely Spikey died on 28th Oct.
lots of things happened on that day so couldn't even see him for the last sight.
felt so sorry for him and the previous owner.
some special incident happened on that day too, but i shall keep it within myself ~

i got my confirmation letter this Monday~
got it before the 6 months probation period..muahaha.  
still trying hard to adapt to my new role- 1st level support (Global service desk) 
felt so sad and shock when they announce i will be in 1st level until they got enough human resources to pull me back to 2nd level support (Technical Support). haih...what to do ~ fresh grad must suffer abit ..

that's all for tonight, sleepy d...
oh ya !

Tomorrow is TaipeiTaipei official opening ...
so please go and support by having your dinner there.
altho it's abit pricey, but it worth every single cents.
all ingredients and workers are imported from Taiwan.
want to see leng chais? go TaipeiTaipei tomorrow...
free beer serve after 10pm tomorrow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

please laugh out loud because i did

watch the 1st one then only watch the 2nd one....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

i'm sick

tried very hard to get sick since i started work >.<
but i never wish that i fall sick on weekend...
this time rugi d la...

cannot take MC , have to waste my weekend summore !

(ahThan fell sick too...kesian for 3 months already fell sick for 2 times ...)

Monday, October 4, 2010

1st visit to Vet

Spikey's quills dropped until very serious,i can even see the skin >.<
damn heartpain to see him scratching himself all the times...
why he got same problem with ahThan? like owner like pet?!

so i separated Mel and Spikey 2 weeks ago ...
Spikey seems sad and never move his body most of the times..i'm not sure is he emo because of the separation or what ~
but sorry dear, i was forced to...

but on the other side, Mel seems enjoyed herslf in such a big cage...
running around all the times. and messes up the whole cage with poop.

a giant ball was bought few weeks for them, those which look like hamster's exercise ball...
but i think they need some lesson on how to control the ball.hehe.
can't stop laughing when seeing Spikey over turned imself inside the giant ball.
he even poop in the ball , i guess he was too afraid~

Mel too , she cant control the giant ball she rather keep still until fell asleep..
i wonder , if i put a hamster in, will the hamster be excited to be in a giant ball so that it can roll faster?!

Brought Mel and Spikey to the Vet on last Saturday.
ahThan was away ,but i managed to get my dad accompany me...
because i dunno the way ...
*damn hard to find a good vet for exotic pets, so i have to fly all the way to Taman Megah in PJ*
It was a special experience...
name of the pets being called instead of owner name i was hesitate can i follow my pet in the room?!

my dad LOL when he see people brought a turtle which only as big as a ping pon ball to the vet.
silly ~ but i also LOL...because i was wondering why are these 3 people here without any pet....

Mel is 200g
Spikey is 450g (damn fat!)

3 jabs required to cure their sickness...
(parasites found)
RM15 per injection ,with consulatation fee RM21..the total will cost me RM111...
which enough for me to buy a new hedgie....
but due to my kindness and TLC ,
i rather spend more than that to get them fully cured ..

going back there 2 weeks later >.<
Please pray for my two lil hedgie....
hope they will be alright...and and Spikey's quills will grow back after this...
i dont like botak hedgie !

Monday, September 20, 2010

KahYee's Convo

i realized KY will call me everytime when she's in KL...
why? because i provide free accommodation!( only for VIP like her >.<)

the 1st thing she said is "KF ~ I'm in KL"
ha ha ! i already know what she wants..
but she never change her last minute attitude..
luckily my hostel keys was with me that day...
because i usually dont carry the keys around ~~
lucky sial budak ni....

KY, her friend and ahThan met me up in MidValley and had dinner together in SweetChat ,
went there with my colleagues that afternoon,
i brought them there again coz i think the food there was ok ~
and everybody keep on saying "anywhere" "up to you" "whatever" but still never stop complaining hungry.

-KY's friend ~ Tiger !-

i heard that the food and service is much better last time...
and the set lunch promotion was only RM9.90 per set previously.
but they increased it to RM10.90 , RM12.90, RM15.90....
So , what i think about SweetChat? a "NO NO!" when lunch time...

i was late that day ! yes again! 
being late is VERY NORMAL for me >.<
called KY a few times, but she never pick up, 
so i called SS, she picked up ! i was happily asking where is she so that i can go and find her....
hmm ~ SS was in session A, thats mean she went back ald >.<
(Sorry SS, anyway congrats for your graduation)
luckily i saw Tiger when i first enter the atrium...
abo , i cannot imagine , how to find a such tiny small lil (i never mention short) girl in a crowd.
hehe ~
-spot Kah Yee!-

after that , we went to Octopus for our late lunch , everybody's hungry after KY's Big day ~ (she very "dai pai", made everybody starve like hell) 
this was my second visit, the first time i went was in World Cup period
i wanted to eat Octopus so much ,so i googled for restaurant named Octopus...
the foods there is a lil bit pricey , but it's nice ~

i ordered Soba this time...and it's was a disappointment ! like "hot water and plain mee", i nearly add whole bottle of chili flakes in >.<
the end ~ weeeee....
we are now ADULT together ~ who need to work to earn for our own expenses.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Planned to go I-City since new year...
but everytime also tak jadi...
*rain la , ppl ffk la, suddenly dont feel like going la...*
Finally, we were there on 08-31-2010

but RM10 per entry(per car) is abit pricey >.< 
for students like us ( errr....fresh grads!)
felt so guilty to my cousins , because i forced them to join us...
but anyway, we enjoyed ourselves in the city of lights, although some of the lights is burnt
and also in Gasoline , although the mushroom soup is the only thing edible.

-Love in the air-

-typical kampung girl pose-
-i like the feel-

Saturday, September 11, 2010

i'm working at

-GfK Growth from Knowledge-
heheh..i can see your o.O face now after hearing the company's name...
i also got that expression when i first heard the name.

everybody here is friendly ...extremely friendly !
i love it ! no political issue like in APIIT TA team.
so far so good, workload getting more ,but i'm performing my work happily
maybe i'm still semangat on new thing...hopefully i wont be demotivated after some times....

expenses for food is high >.< please don complain your 5/6 ringgit food in your college..
i have to spend around 10+ for lunch , 6 for car park, 4.2 for toll and god knows how much is my petrol per day =.="

whoever come to mid valley at lunch time ~ welcome to call me out for lunch , but remember to belanja me >.< lalalalal~

Friday, September 10, 2010

PD half day trip

Port Dickson

 ahThan started to work at 9th Aug ....
didnt see him for a week is like didnt poo poo for 2 weeks...
damn suffering !

my taufu ahThan took MC leave on friday~
as a caring and loveable gf , for sure i will go to Subang to jaga him ....
*actually is bring him out go jalan-jalan*
actually he recovered immediately after seeing me~

on Saturday,
We departed around 3.30pm to PD.
my butt butt nearly numb after a 1.5 hour journey

ahThan's gong gong looks very happy to see us>.<
he cut his hair ~ became more leng chai d!
ate few biji of durian before going out for dinner~

i asked ahThan to bring me to the beach after dinner...
( the last time i went to PD was few years back with DCO classmates...miss the beach so much >.<)

we brought Lisa along...the cute lil noisy girl wanted to buy kuih muih in pasar ramadhan...
so we stopped by in pasar ramadhan(i think thats the only p.r in pd?!) to buy some kuih-muih~
oh ya! it was the 1st time i try Dadih
(tasted like pudding,but the malay guy described it as Yogurt)

-blue = male , pink =female-

-i poked Lisa's butt-

-Lisa's favorite quote-
-which is cuter?-

-Buhh Byeeeeeee PD-

Friday, August 20, 2010

Update on my two lovelies

the lazy bum- Spikey
and the light sleeper -Mel-Mel..

sorry to kacau u all early in the morning ..sorry ~

Friday, August 13, 2010


Renaissance Hotel

i was "almost-late" on that day just like in TARC convo, everytime also late.... 
was damn nervous! scared i couldn't register in time and cannot attend the convocation...
but daddy says" Dont worry la...They sure wait for you wan..they took your RM700 d"
now you all should know how i get the bad habit of being not punctual?

luckily i passed the guest ticket to ahThan and he managed to register for me and my parents before the registration time over..

reached there 12 sharp and being called to enter the hall for group photography.
i took the group photo for 2 times >.< hehehe ...because the photgrapher broke me and ahThan up !
it wasn't easy to squeeze in and find a place to stand...thought everything is ready but the photographer asked 20 person to go down to join group B..(ahThan was one of them)
T___T i managed to smuggle into group B ...muahahahaha...

mummy bought me a flower this time, because i told her i dont wanna borrow around from strangers when taking photos.. and surprisingly, aunty also buy me a bouquet of flowers...
damn happy ! i can take pic with MY flowers >.<

-see that? MY flowers !-

-instant graduates-
i'm officially an adult.
nobody will transfer pocket money to my bank account every beginning of the month d.....

anyone want to sponsor me some pocket money?
i can pm you my mbb acc IMMEDIATELY ! LOL

gonna start work on next MidValley...
so siapa siapa who jalan jalan in MidValley during lunch time can call me out ...
(But you treat ! i takda money lea~~~) LOL

wish me luck ! good luck to all my friends too...all the best !

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Than ah Than ♥

Every time i post in wretch blog and put password on that article sure got nothing good....
but this time diff la ~
its all about my personal feeling ~ about the convocation tomorrow , the society after work...the apart loneliness that im going to face soon T___T

My dear Charlene

Charlene Goh , a best friend of mine has celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday >.<
Let's all wish her H.A.P.P.Y   B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y ~

went to JAKEs cafe just now which located in bukit tinggi shell station(behind the burger king)
the food was nice~ the service can consider okay because they replaced my black glutinous dessert with a new one, although all the staffs seems bodoh bodoh >.<

i felt damn proud because i managed to tipu Charlene !
she really believe that everybody were busy and dont want to celebrate with her >.<
wakakaka...we even have 2 unexpected guests ~~ ahThan and Jinyu's bear bear( i actually dunno his name ).....

- Durian cake from Taman Desa(treated by Jinyu, thanks yu) -
(p.s birthday girl who dun eat durian also like it ~)

Thank you for being my friend !
 and always free up your time for me to gossip with you ...
as return, you have 30 privilege-certificate..
which can call me up anytime and i'll be there for you!
 remember only 30 so use it wisely! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Me and Movies

// hmm~ this is just a random post..ignore it.

I used to hate cinema, because it's so costly to watch movies in cinema...
i can download it for free and the most important thing is i can watch all the sex scene and disgusting things.

i changed after i watched 深海寻人 Missing 2 years ago... i downloaded it after watching it in cinema,because i likes the story soooo much ...but all the scary ghost has been cut away, i think i downloaded from 7 different sources just to find the full version of Missing.
besides that, i found out some mixed language movies with mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien will be replaced with only-mandarin version.

Now, i spent most of my free time in cinema..and i only concern about any discounts that i will get while applying for any membership cards or credit cards. the 1st question to be asked is "Any benefits to use your credit card in any cinema?"

My Friends know it's a wasting time action to invite me for movie because mostly they are only available on weekends and by the time all buddies are gathered up, i already watched the movie long long time ago >.<

my principles are:
  1. No weekends show unless got ppl willing to pay for me...heheeeee
  2. No after 6pm show unless got special things that changed me to very good mood ~~
  3. Strictly no midnight show because it's so damn expensive unless ahThan wants to watch...
  4. No couple seats.
  5. No 3D movies ( heard that it makes ppl dizzy >.< but i would like to try it someday with 100% thumbs up 3D movie)
  6. will voice up whenever there's uneducated ppl talk in the cinema or kick my chair, i will curse them too..(damn its so annoying and inconsiderate ..p.s: DO NOT invite me for movie if you're coward, do not stop me from doing it i will curse you too )
i did a survey of the pricing for all cinema in Klang valley today, because student price ticket is not applicable on me anymore T___T sad >.< but i still able tipu makan with my student card now~ but i know this can't last long....

oh ya! i watched Salt in 2D digital .. now only i know there's difference between 2D and normal one...but i didn't notice it until i checked it online new principle is AVOID 2D show next time.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ice Kacang

-ahThan's and my ice kacang special-

i blend the ice ~
ahThan chose the ingredient~
i poured the syrup..
ahThan poured the coconut milk..
more corn for me...
more raisin for ahThan...
and a scoop of my fav yam flavored ice cream >.<
Sedap @.@


i think both ahThan and i already spent more than RM50 for the past one month in MV arcade,just to play basketball...

in order to continue the game to the 2nd stage, we need to get 40points in 60seconds,
then 3rd stage is reach 150 in another 50seconds ....
we always stuck in the 3rd level where we need 250points to go stage4.....

i was damn nervous when the score reach 240+ ....u cannot imagine how high i jumped that time....
-Our highest score ever-
(well ~well ...i know its way too low compared to 556>.<)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eat ! Eat ! Eat!

I realized my size never stop growing after last year Christmas >.<
i gained 5kg T_____T since last year....

i dunno whether im too lucky to have ahThan this bf , or its a bad thing ~
he always ask me to eat eat and be happy >.< 
thats why i eat and eat and eat like nobody's business~
my face getting rounder and rounder! 

round face + mata sepet = typical ugly fat girl look = current KwaiFei

see pictures below and see the changes~

- 01/04/2010-

scary rite?!

i should maintain my weight after my 1st detoxing >.<
regret~ coz i never know only the 1st detoxing can lose so much weight...
thought can lose 3-5kg easily, so i ate like monster for the past 6months.

doing the 2nd detoxing...its already 3rd day,
and i only lose 2kg >.<
7 more days ! and i swear i will control my diet after this ......

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Father's Day

Sing K in the morning ! All daddy can sing for free on that day ....
so Jamie book the room in advance ~

Daddy sang like a singer *claps* 
(my daddy used to performed when he's much younger...)
maybe mummy kena tipu by daddy's love songs last time >.<
i enjoyed by listening mummy's Donald Duck voice @.@

-Vivo Pizza for lunch ~-

-Curry mee and Loh mee for dinner-

-doughnuts for supper-

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Genting Trip

these photos were lying in my folder for more than 1 month already ~
i should let them see the outside world!
im getting lazy to blog something outdated >.<
there are tons of photo still in my photo album ~~
Please give me some time to edit them and i'll upload asap! i promised!
So dun la always rush me for uploading the photos......
It was really really a random one...
both of us slept quite early the previous night....
so both of us woke up at 5am and could not sleep back...
so ahThan suggested to go Genting for one day trip, 

to prevent caught in the conjunction, we managed to get ready within one hour..
filled the petrol and started the journey at 5.45am ...
we stopped by at Setapak for breakfast, because food in Genting is very expensive ...
money should be save for gambling !

The theme park was empty until noon...
damn nice ! no need to queue up >.<

-ugly rite?-
i dropped my bag while playing go kart ~luckily ahThan picked it up...
i only realized that after i finished the ride >.<
blurr @.@

-It was the first time i visited the Dinosaur park, i found this quite scary ~.~-

-the first time playing bumper boat tooo.....-

everything were nice...except the appetizer Vietnamese Popiah, taste like raw vege >.< eeww
one day ,i will go there and eat the beef noodle again *thumbs up*

-dun laugh! i know my mark is incredibly low!-

We went to Casino too...
i lost RM100 in a blink....
and both of us really no luck in gambling ~
RM250 is donated to the casino T___T

a bad experience while playing in Casino...
we kena bullied by those auntie uncle...
we actually won one round , but they took the chips and said we lose...(we tumpang ppl's bet)
and they chase us away from the table.....i wish they can become millionaire with my RM100!

well~ at least i did enjoyed with my ahThan in the theme park and playing those stupid machine game =)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

a letter for my best friend

let's begin with a great news!

-they having the same hairstyle !-
-FYI, its the 4th year they stick to each other~damn long!-
-how Xhin tahan her??LoL-

i love you , and i always will....

To ShuYi,
Still remember how we knew each other?
errr...i forgot ald ~( dont scold me for being so forgetful)
you was not important when i first met you...
so i cant remember you...hehehehe..
but but but! i remembered in which year i know you...(geng lea?)
nyek nyek nyek ~~
12 years ! i already know you for 12 years?! 
if i give birth on the year we met , my child will be sitting UPSR test end of this year !

when recalling the memories in primary school,
"FIERCE AND BIG BULLY" will come into my mind..
you are such big bully and always bully me ! and everybody else.....

Still remember the first day in form 1?
u sat beside me when u came into the classroom..
i was thinking how to kick you away from that seat...
LOL...i think this is the 1st time i tell you this right?
and I'M VERY SURE u were thinking the same thing too that time....

Still remember how we exchange text book during class break?
haha, luckily you went into other class in Form ? ,or else i think i would have brain damage coz always think how to get rid of you ~
Still remember how we chase the public bus just to go tuition?
do you know that there are somebody cant believe that i know how to take public transport , i should one day bring them along when i'm in public transport...
Still remember how we mess up the E.T tuition classroom with KW and HY?
i wish the CCTV was not on that time~
Still remember how we skip tuition and lepak in The Store?
luckily never get caught before, but now damn regret never study properly and waste moeny in that arcade..
Still remember how we buat kecoh in McD every Wednesday?
tomato sauce is yours and chili sauce is need to rebut-rebut. playing in that playground was fun...luckily Charlene did not get stuck !
Still remember the teacher who suspect i copied your work? writing is still better than yours la...and how come she thinks i copied your work? not the other way round? i'm smarter than you lea!
Still remember how we "communicate" while in different class room? 
I'm amazed that we still gossip even when we are not in the same class...
Still remember how we became best friend from enemy?
do you know you were so annoying back in primary school!

Thanks for sharing those happy moments with me,
and listening to me during the bad time~

Thank for comforting me all the times when i feel insucure,
and distract my mind at that time..

Thanks for being such a great nanny back in secondary school,
and staying beside me even when i dont need you ..haha

Thank you for everything and i appreciate them alot...
Thank you for being my best friend..

i had squeezed my brain for writing these...
how am i gonna write about Charlene next month with juice-less-brain ?


Monday, June 21, 2010

SiewSeen's love bento

woke up at around 10am...
i saw a packet of Nasi Lemak on the dining table >.<
Dear SiewSeen dapau Nasi Lemak for me while she on the way to Vista from Cheras...
how sweet is that ~~
i dun need to worry bout breakfast loooo....
ahThan reminded me not to mix all the sambal in because it's really spicy...
but i still have wrap wantan while eating although i only added some >.< 
ahThan and SiewSeen suffered from stomachache and diarrhea after that...
so pitiful ~

love it SS ! thank you ~~hahaha
*next time, i want something that you cook yourself*