Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Durian V3

dear mr.Durian..

hey~its nice to see you again...
how are you? wah..dah jadi handsome >.<

swt =.=


daddy drop by in my hostel n gave me some durian n nangka.
this was the 1st time i cut jackfruit and durian myself!!
erm...ahThan actually taught me through the phone..teaching me step by step ..

ter-cut my finger while doing operation on the jackfruit..
(so , dear housemates n ahThan ...pls appreciate those durian n jackfruit..)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Capuchin Monkey

looks so innocent >.<

Friday, September 25, 2009

frustrated !!

do not ask why.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jalil Seafood @ BBJ

Why my blog is full of FOOD pic?!
because my living purpose is to E.A.T ! muahaha

wanted to drink soup Tomyam so badly that day ,
but just only recover , ahThan said my iron stomach need to rest for few more days..
thats why we had "light" dinner only..."3 dishes" only lea...(3 only ?! so lil)
~Thai Taufu + Coconut Paikuat +  Salted egg crab~

Than            Fei

Close shot

 (Fi Fi?!)

stronger compared to Ballie >.<
hehe..but still manage to handle it ~ coz they curl into ball when i bully them...
(not like ms.cincau ,so naughty)

Breakfast >.<

want to know how to maintain your weight "overweight"?!
try this every morning....

-Teh Tarik + Siew Pau + Curry Mee + Yong TauFu +Soy Bean-
for 2 person O.O

after breakfast in Petaling Street ~
we went Pasar Pudu@ Jalan Pudu
good place to buy all kind of rubbish ~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

isnt that cool?

 i think nobody can compete with me >.<
cool eh?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Than's great work !

-limau ice and syrup bandung-
when  both of them mix up together
it became like this
-taste like limau ice ,smell like syrup bandung-

Ballie + Cincau

-B.A.L.L.I.E -
ahThan lazy to give a official name for it ~ but if he did , i will also call it Ballie.
heheh...nice nice?  this is the one i chose ~pretty and nice pattern right? strong ! naughty!

so fat >.< triangle body with triangle head
oh no! his going to bite my camera...
- C.I.N.C.A.U -
hehe...her official name is Nagini,(a very nice name)..
hahaha...the first time ahThan showed me her photo(2+years ago)
the first thing came into my mind was "OMG , SHE LOOKS LIKE CINCAU ,AND I FEEL LIKE DRINKING CINCAU NOW“ , thats why i started to call her cincau~
i like this photo , but cannot see Cincau clearly
-innocent look-
like to play with her head , ahThan always warn me not to play with it, see when she will bite me ....
muahaha...i think she wont bite kua ~

i love my housemates

-huisze, dont kill me by posting your "cute cute" pic ha...-          -SiewSeen aka SS

quite a number of ppl asking " why do you rent the room to indian? not scared ar?"
hmmm....nope , not at all....but there's sometimes communication barrier would occur...we still used to start a topic in chinese 1st,then only translate the whole discussion in english~

but so far so good...
learned alot of things of them...bout cultural ,medical knowledge(they're nursing students), and also gossips ~(you know ~girls' talk)

there are 6person in this house , including me ...
and out of 6 , 4 are T.A.L.K.A.T.I.V.E
ppl outside the house would think that " wow...they having party again?!“

              -Praveena-                                                                -Malathi , the talkative queen-
-SS missing >.<- 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adventurous Monday

hmm..i would says it is a most special monday for me~

1. my mom woke me up by calling my phone. frighten by the loud ringtone >.<|||

2. after my 1st class, wanna change all the snake's cage....i was stunt when seeing one of the ballie is dead.

3.the snake smell like cabbage which soak in the water for few hours....changing the cage was so scary, i scared i hurt the other ballie, so any small lil thing happened beside me will make me frighten.

4. when changing Ms.cincau's cage, the fat fat cincau slipped out from the hanger that i use to catch her....scared she bite me and scared i hurt her if i am too crassly. (she did a combo P in front of my cupboard!!!!! i think it is because i made her angry) .Wanna ask for help but dun dare to shout out>.< spend very very long time to comfort her and scoop her back in the cage *___*

back home after class, check whether the ballie is safe in the temporary paper box....hmm, it's still there (ahThan was warning me not to keep in paper box for too long , because it will run away)
dun care la ~ ballie very good boy , it wont make trouble for me (i was thinking that) but it is safer to keep her in proper cage~~so i went out and buy new cage~

5.come home again and call ahThan, while discussing something very exciting , i saw a snake NEAR THE BATHROOM ?! and and and it looks like ballie >.< heart beating very very fast...quickly open the paper box and check ~ hmm...where is ballie?! look back to the snake behind me....ok !confirm ,that is cute lil Ballie....spend quite awhile to catch him back.coz i scared i made him angry~~ phew.....

one Ballie ald dead , Cincau tried to excape from me summore T___T and the other Ballie nearly run out...
luckily cincau and Ballie are now safe in their cage >.<

got frighten so so so so many times .____. and sorry ahThan ... i hurt the snakes so many times ytd ....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jamie's new phrase

eat eat and 
be fatty
like Jamie
and and and
eat eat and 
be fatty
like Kwai Yee 

Her name are just nice to be in the phrase...
Look at her chubby face ....isn't that cute >.<
My C.U.T.E little sister ~~~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mr. Chicky

his sooooo cute >.<

chicky still look cute without his helmet ~~right?!
i should have culik it from ben's car  ><

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