Thursday, December 31, 2009

a (should be) movie date

won 2 movie tickets from a radio station road runner...
couldnt remember from which fm....
hehe >.<

the movie tickets valid until 31dec only...
no time to watch movie after my vacation ,
so must watch it before i go hk.

reach oneU at about 4pm,
both of us havent taken breakfast and lunch ,
so we decided to go makan 1st ~
as usual, we push the responsibility to choose where to eat to each other.
as usual, i am the one who make decision.

dine in TGIF , becoz they got the 2-course-meal set for rm29.90
>.< but i ordered wrong thing and the bill cost us RM107
sorry la ahThan, hehe...
-look at ahThan's face in 3rd " yong sui "-

after eating, we walked blindly in the mall...
i totally forgot the about movie....
by the time i rmb, it was too late ~.~

-last year-

 -this year-

hmm...which one nicer?
i still prefer the 1st one...becoz cant see ahThan's face ..

went for 2nd round (a so call tea time)in Kluang Station at 6pm,
because ahThan craving for his teh tarik.
(according to him, he havent been drinking teh tarik for 5days) =.="

shopped until 10pm, and went out yc with the leng cai Andrew and Lenglui Lene in Kota Kemuning,...
brain wasnt working right, i always make a wrong turn~

i gonna watch it tomorrow!
havent been in cinema for bout 1 month ald...
so sad T____T

-21 Dec 2009-

i can bake ^^

wanted to try to bake Ginger bread man,
was googling for the recipe for bout a week.
but then my mom refuse to help >.<
she said its quite diff to do that and we dont have time to do~
so i have to google for others cookies' recipe ~
some simpler one...
peanut butter cookies? chocolate cookies?chipsmore cookies?
finally ! i made my final decision which is


its so simple >.<
just mix the flour with one egg and marjerin..
then put it in a some kind of pump, (we can choose the pattern)
pump it out !

(at last , my mom helped out..coz she scared Gyee and i mess up her kitchen..)






She buat kacau only ....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

T___T i miss them so so so so much ~

"the person selling ThonThon. RM450"
received this msg from ahThan ytd,
the content of the msg made my gastric became worse and sad and angry ^%##$!$#@^%

i checked the post again this afternoon , and guess what ...
the buyer changed the amount !!!!!
RM3000 (without licence)
ish >.<

both ahThan and i were regret selling them away..
since both of us also have the difficulties to keep them...
and i kept on pursuing myself ,
its better for ballie and thonthon if they can have a caring owner who appreciate them...

but now what?
the buyer try to make profit with ThonThon ?!
i really wish i got money and buy them back...
was thinking how come thonthon and ballie so swey to have such new owner.
and why got such cruel and black-heart person in the world.


i added the buyer in msn ,
and chat with him for awhile...
according to him,
his father asked him to sell it away ,
and he got no choice for it...
but he put a high price so that nobody will buy from him.

he did ask me some Q about snake..
i do feel better after chatting him..
i really really wish Ballie and ThonThon live happily in Seremban >.<
and hope he didnt cheat me for any single word he said...( i trust him for this time)

Friday, December 18, 2009

i miss them ~

ahThan told me he's going to quit his hobby of keeping snakes,
and he planned to sell them away to collect fund for his new hobby

i was shocked and sad to hear that ~
Cincau going to leave me ?!
i cannot see Ballie and ThonThon dance every morning >.<

i love them @.@
but, they aren't belong to me.
so i couldnt stop him >.<

luckily ahThan changed his mind to keep cincau , after seeing Cincau's cool black skin ..
(i guess thats why both of us like cincau so much...she just look so cool with her black shining skin)
40% happy ^^ FYI, i still love cincau the most~

i posted the ad in lyn ,
and got reply after 1 day... (so fast >.< , how come the closet clearance ad tat my sis posted nobody reply wan ~~)
COD was scheduled this morning...
Ballie and ThonThon are now in Seremban T__T

i miss them already ~


When Ballie curl into BALL

Ballie the great poser


Fat ThonThon...his body can cover ahThan's watch >.<

couldnt find any nice pic for ThonThon because he's too active...all pic are blur...
Cincau got his new home (Ballie's and ThonThon's old house), is a good thing for Cincau i guess~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


took a short nap while waiting for ahThan's reply...
i dreamt something bad. really bad.
until i woke up in fears and look around to make sure there's nothing wrong around me
i started worrying and feel scared >.<

so, to make myself feel more secure..
i wanted to lock my house wooden door...
msg my sister n asked her to stay over her friend's house because i want to lock the door
lol.. luckily she called me and say she dun have the wooden door key..
or else , she have to sleep with the shoes outside the house ...

why so much nightmare recently?
something bothering me?
i guess im too stress (invisible one) and tired....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

@.@ i dunno what title i should put

was looking at ppl's fb status ,
and this catch my attention...

(fb status of my friend)
A: anyone can give me some feedback of the Movie TWILIGHT NEW MOON ?
B: talk about love one....but abit sien compare to first twilight.......go watch ninja assasin better la....can c rain....haha
A: thanks B, since like the twilight not worth to watch on tis time. Korea Rain ya. then i better sit at home watch malaysia Rain. hahaha. but the i aso heard that the ninja movie not bad geh.

i asked: Than ah, watch movie lo ! Ppl said Ninja better than Ninja Asassin"
he answered :"oh..go lo"
(i blink my eyes twice)
he asked :"really ar?"
i answered : "yes"
he says : "oh , then keep you stuff lo"

omg ...*yes* i know its kinda random >.<
we were in the library doing our FYP...
midpoint is on next monday ...
and my process of FYP is 0%

hehe...but Ninja no longer showing in cinema...
we watched Ninja Assassin at the end...
i thought this movie is korean-production , thats why i refuse to watch it at the first place...
overall not bad...very bloody @.@
frighten alot of times.. i guess im too easy to got frighten..

had our dinner in JoJo pan mee@ Kuchai Lama...
the 3 layer milk tea is N.I.C.E ^^,
i actually had JoJo pan mee for lunch yesterday...
visit there again because i think the pan mee is really nice ,
but ahThan only likes the 3 layer milk tea =.="

i promised you all not to post any food pic...
so, dont worry i wont break my promise...
(i'll keep until January only upload all the food pic)
muahahahah >.<

Dear all ~

I know alot of people complaining i posted too many food pic in my blog and fb...
but...but....i tried my best to post only happy thing ^^
and thing that can make me happy is E.A.T

EAT EAT AND BE HAPPY ^^ (quoted by ahThan)

i'll be busy for assignment for the next few weeks...
no more food pic in my blog( only * for the next few weeks)
i SWEAR ! (wink*)

Food Again..

Friday Brunch @ Delivery Domino Pizza

My sis booked the badminton court at 10am ...
she forced HuiSze and i to wake up at 9am >_<
(holiday la wei ~~ have to wake up early morning to exercise ....)
after playing 2 hours badminton... HuiSze and i were complaining hungry and wanted pizza for lunch..
but the pizzas took 1 hour to arrived .... (ish ! ppl already hungry like hell..)

4 regular pizza for 7 of us ...errr...obviously not enough lo >.<
hehe...i still complaining very hungry while on the way home.
so ahThan suggested to stop by and dapau some food ^^
aiks...too bad ...i like the Loh-Mai-Kai !!
i havent got the chance to try the Yam Puff >.<
next time i must go and buy it...

Friday Dinner @ Boston Baru Restaurant
it was a really a random dinner date...
Lene randomly says "Boston tomorrow night!" the day before ,
and luckily  i managed to find few kaki in last minute..
waited for 1 hour and 5 minutes there T__T
i enjoyed the meal ...weeeWeeeWEEEE..the painfulness of gastric cannot stop me from eating >.<
7 dishes for 5 person O.O cannot finish all the food ~~

Saturday Brunch @ Home Sweet Home
woke up at 12.30pm..played fb game until 1 plus...
dont want to disturb ahThan sleeping , so i moved my butt-butt away from the room..
i saw mummy preparing breakfast ...and i helped out ..( yeah...i know ! i am a good girl !!)
while trying very hard to peel the potato skin ,
someone suddenly appear beside me and says " u need my help?"
and ofcoz i said "YES!" ( if anybody says no , i'll say they are stupid)
peel potato this kind of "sap-sui" work...sure let assistant to do la..

~.~ nyek nyek.. basically ahThan did all the work and i only stand beside and act like big chef >.<
(i got helped him to fried egg!!!but all egg yolk hilang d @.@)

Saturday Tea @ HuiSze's homemade frappucino
HuiSze called me to go to her house to try out her homemade frappucino around 5pm..
she tried very hard to do it like starbuck's frappucino...
because she dun want to go starbuck for rm20+ frappucino..
i think its nice .____.

better than those chocolate blended from any cafe...i like it ^.^

Saturday Dinner @ Sungai You Restaurant
another day with late dinner ...
reach the restaurant bout 9.30pm...
4 dishes for 4 person..
they having promotion for the crab crab...
i love the curry milk crab..will order the curry milk crab everytime i go there...
*thumbs up* for that dish...must try out!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wan Tan Mee

My sis got mid-term test,so she didnt follow me back to hometown..
thats mean she didnt go home for 2 weeks my daddy decided to go KL for dinner, so that he can see her daughter for awhile...
we went to Kuchai Lama..spotted this restaurant
the restaurant name is special,and alot alot of people waiting outside ....

"we can always find good food where we see people waiting outside the restaurant" says my daddy.
we waited quite long for the food...the service is bad..but all the food is VERY NICE...
didnt take pic because i was tooooo hungry at that time...

went to mid-valley after class because of 2012 >.<
it was soooo jam (beacause we go around 6-7) *hungry ~~*
we was like O.O to see the queue at the ticketing counter...
but i insist to watch this ahThan went to The Gardens to check out the ticket while i continue line up in Mid-Valley...*hungry ~~* saw my old friend there >.< he still look the same..muahaha..
didnt watch 2012 because we couldnt get the ticket T___T
bought some sushi and biscuit to eat in the car ,because it will be very jam..
went to Sungai Besi for wantan mee..
it was my 2nd visit. the 1st time was 2 years back with WeiJun and his friends..
we ordered alooooot @.@

woke up at 10am , and i saw a msg from HuiSze..
asking me to join her for lunch in Kuchai Lama Tai Yang.
its FREE lunch , because its TaiYang grand opening that day. so everybody who dine in can order one main course and one drink for free...
we registered our name and the waiter said have to wait for 45 mins.
O.o but HuiSze insist to eat we walked around before that....
lol...both of us were so hungry so we pick 重庆鸡窝煲 to fill our empty stomach,
passed by this restaurant few times everytime i go Kuchai Lama..the name of the restaurant is special, wanted to try this long time ago...

BUT !!!! eeeewwwww...damn salty and its expensive !
we only ordered 1 pax portion ...
after this awful meal..we walked around for awhile and went back to Tai Yang.

service's sucks...maybe everybody's busy at that time...(very crowded..all like us ,wanted to have free meal)
food...abit salty ,but afterall its nice...i like the ChaSiu^^
but we couldnt finish it >.< shouldnt go for the 重庆鸡窝煲 @#$#@#$%^

ate too much wantan mee ald.....
not going to have any wantan mee for next 2 weeks ...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

very-random post

its gonna be a rubbish post >.<

hehehe...just transferred all the photos from my phone...
so dunno what to do with it..
rubbish #1- kena conned T__T
i thought they included the chocolate n color-bean to decorate the smiley face cookies...
arghhh....only few pack of smiley face cookies inside ..


rubbish #2 - pink + blue = purple
i bought a pink casing for the blue colored ipod...
look nice?? i think its nice ~~
my daddy sais its ugly....he said purple not match his style !!
im the one using la ! hmp!


rubbish#3 - its getting more pain
my nail cracked 2 weeks ago...
its slowly became deeper and deeper ...
ouchh >.<


rubbish#4 - my new lappy
went to digital mall ytd, and i bought laptop skin , laptop sleeve,screen protector ,keyboard protector .
( its only rm6 each, what a good return ^^)
oh ya , and a laptop fan too..
i went out with RM158, and i came home with RM1
LOL...only left RM1 for the rest of this week expenses...


rubbish#5 - c-art
cleaned up my room the other day,
i love to read this birthday card,
it will make my mood better after reading it everytime.
hehe...i realize one thing...

see the expiry date??2012/12,
what i want to say is~~~shuyi learned from her mistake...

received this birthday card on 2006
and try to look at the expiry date...its 2006/06
=.=" they gave me an expired condom?!
not safe at all la wei ...
but luckily this time she din give me expired one again...

rubbish#6 - i need a new umbrella
been keeping this umbrella in my bag since last dec( bought it from guilin)
but no chance to use it...
i waited ...and waited ..and waited..
yay !! its raining season !
used it quite often since september..
and now its officially dead..
(oh ya ! who said walking in the rain is romantic?! both of us can hardly squeeze our body under the umbrella..both also get wet >.< will get a bigger one next time~)

Monday, November 9, 2009

my collection

i cleaned my room today >.< (actually only one part of my cupboard...)
i stopped because too many stuff to be rearranged...LOL


few layers of dust @.@
wipe away the dusts...
and i slowly opened the box..


**omg** i almost forget that i kept all this trash for so long ..
all 5566 and cyndi wang merchandise , albums, posters, DVDs.
wasted so much money in all these...
but i never regret ~~
thinking want to buy those recent albums (my "recent" is since 2005) that i left out or not ....
to make my collection "up-to-date"...
or or , keep the money for my trip?!



next week have to clean up another part of my cupboard again ~
wondering what rubbish can i find next >.<

Friday, November 6, 2009





有黑眼圈的关系吧~ 我没去过夜店咧。。


Monday, November 2, 2009

Crab island ^^

been asking my dad to plan a one day trip for my family...
but my dad *haihh~~* tak boleh harap wan...

ms.Sufen (aka ms. patkua) read my blog and found out that i wanted to go pulan ketam.
so she ajak me to join her classmates ^^ weee weee~~
love you sufen !! for planing all these

im suppose to fetch ahThan from Centro at 9 sharp...
but but but ,ahThan wake me up at 8.45am ...(he's fault rite ?! for not waking me up)
all of us was late for the 10.45am speedboat , so we waited 1hour for the next shift.

reached p.ketam at 12.30, checked-in , cari makan !
had nasi lemak for lunch ~.~ ketam style nasi lemak ...(very spicy)
after lunch ,then go and catch crab >.<
*dun worry* we din eat them...just for photo-shooting purpose~~
after that , go and catch fish lo ~ (what else we can do in p.ketam?!)
LOL. but the fishes swim too fast ...we cannot get any of them...

went back to the hotel at 5.30 to bath and get ready for dinner ~~
8 of us had 7 dishes , it was a dinner package- RM180 for 7dishes..-

time passes so slooooooooow in p.ketam,
i thought it was 11 something after we played snooker , but guess what ...
it's only 10pm...went back to hotel n play cards..
next , there's something we cannot miss out when vacation ..*yes ! SUPPER!*

nyek nyek.,...slept at 2am that night >.<
(still got some uncles singing k at that time =.=" kacau kacau ...couldnt sleep well)

woke up at 6.30am , but it was raining ...
hmm...we have to postpone out plan again...
sufen and i walked around the island and go back to hotel to wake the others up.
bah kut teh for breakfast ~
(some of us cannot stand for heavy breakfast, so krishna was not feeling well the whole day after the breakfast)
went to "fishing stage"(direct trannslate ..kakaka) after that...

went back to hotel and showered.
makan lunch at 3.45pm n rush for 4.30pm speedboat...
we was late for the 4.30pm speedboat ,
so we took another boat, a lousy boat ,
took us 1 hour to reach back to Klang...
sit until my butt butt also pain >.<

the end of our crab island trip

nice to meet you all ~~
Siavash , Surena , Tee
Pauline , and Krishna

photos taken:
from siavash
from kwaifei

Thursday, October 29, 2009


love to eat lollipop since i knew syndy,
she always treat me lollipop >.<
curi curi makan in the class..(actually quite obvious ,the batang sticking out wan =.=||)
wanted to collect lollipop ,but its too expensive and it will attract ants ~~
so never buy any BIG lollipop myself..

got this from benben
~kept it since April >.< ~
lolz...finally i ate it , it was too big so i shared with my friends ~~

the new lollipop (got it from ahBoy)
this one ...cookies lollipop!
i will finish it myself ,coz it is biscuit.

i still got one more "cow cow" lollipop which given by my sis...

fattening stuff!!
diet la wei!

super-duper beautiful jelly cake

"do you want cake or cookies? i bake for you ~"
" it will be 1st time u baking cookies or cake?"
"erm..then i would prefer jelly..that's the only thing u never do wrong...just mix with water ,boil it ..."bla bla bla

who said jelly is easy to do?!
LOL..asked ppls around me to teach me how to do jelly..
all of them also answered "very easy wan!!!read the instruction behind the jelly powder packet la"
=.=|||   nonsense ! nvm i do research myself ~~
googling the whole night for a beautiful jelly pics..
and i even sketched a structure of my "super-duper beautiful jelly cake"...

my super-duper beautiful jelly cake had FAILED ~

nvm ,i got plan B!
what is my plan B?! i also dunno~
dun care that much la...hehehe

lolz. used 2 days to finished the jelly cake...
becoz each layer have to wait 30-60 mins till it totally harden..
and u know la~my 60mins is 120mins...
so 10 layers =
120 *10=1200 min
1200/60=20 hours
(started on Monday mid-night and finished on Tuesday night)


-easier to eat after breaking it into 2parts >.<-

P.S: i should learn how to bake cake ~~hehe...KuiLu's bday coming next , can bake one for her super-duper beautiful jelly cake...muahaha

Friday, October 23, 2009

V.I.P of my life

this day is a special day ^^  
2 of the VIP in my life birthday fall at the same date

although they grown up in different background, born in different decade
but this 2 person actually having the 99% of :
same characteristic
same behavior
same way of thinking
same way to solve problem...

eh ..wait...
you all havent know who are they 
my dearest daddy n my bodyguard

Happy Birthday ^.^

dear bodyguard :

Monday, October 19, 2009

super random

 -been searching this high n lo last few weeks...-
- super speechless when i found it-
-inside my pocket?! and the thing is.......i checked the pocket for more than 10 times d!!!-
-kek sei-

-super duper ugly, yes* i use this kind of keychain for 2 weeks d-
-time to change ^^-

My long weekend ~~

eat eat and be happy ^^
lol...never stop eating when im home..
my mom always call me a camel!
(i used to eat alot in weekend when im home only,
n starve during weekdays in hostel..but now, i learned how to enjoy myself d)
lol ..yes yes , in these 4 days , 
i only eat and eat

woke up at 11++ , then go for nail art class..
after class went to pasar malam.
oh ya ! i ate curry puff...weeee ~~
(been asking ahThan to buy me a curry puff for the past 2 weeks..
haih..tak boleh harap wan..ask mummy better )

and and and , i ate sushi !!!!
sushi king having rm2 per plate offer last week ,
so i was so tempting to eat sushi,
mom called up daddy n told him that i wanted to eat sushi...
daddy said "no problem ,dinner eat outside !"
ho ho ho !
we went Kinsahi ,  sit in VIP place ...
but the VIP place quite stuffy , have to take out shoe summore .
dun care la ~ can eat salmon ,everything's is worthy.

(omg! damn happy) 

Friday (16/10)
what a tiring night , dreamt alot alot alot of things...
woke up with tired and blur mind
n was thinking "how come shuyi havent confirm the time with me ,
what if she ffk me again ?! what punishment i should do to them if they really ffk me"
hehe...maybe shuyi know that im thinking bout her ,
she called and informed me that they will reach my house after 10 mins !
(oh ok ~~10 min ~~ off the phone and wanted to sleep back , emmmm...did she said 10 mins?!)
jumped out from my bed and quickly brush my teeth n get ready >.<
we went to KimGary

3 of us sat there for 3 hours >.< settled out breakfast + lunch + tea there...
  we just couldnt stop crapping ..hmmm i miss high school time ald~
oh ya ! oh ya !
was helping my dad to take passport pic at tat night..
and become white mice to let him practice some skill with his camera

-behind the scene-
(mummy and i cannot stop laughing when see him like tat)


hmm..nothing special happened in the morning and noon
wasted my time in fb game
went to play golf in the evening,
after golf,
we went Shah Alam for dinner.
the talkative restaurant owner talk bout her history for an hour..
stood in front of the restaurant and fed blood to mosquito >.<
second round!
we went to cousin's house for DURIAN! muahaha
(was kena caught when hiding myself in the study room n talking on the phone.
kena lectured by 2 pair of parents >.<)

Sunday (18/10)
nothing much happened,
daddy went out early morning to attend the canon what what marathon...
wasted RM90 in Amante for signing an session of massage
Jamie came back from BBJ ,
and we had dinner together >.<
long time never eat together d... weeee~~
i LOVE my family  <3