Monday, December 19, 2011

18.12.2011 The snow has finally arrived!

I woke up with some snow flakes falling from the sky , but it stopped around 10am..
quite disappointing,  and because Damian told me that he just look out the weather forecast and told me that it's getting warmer next week and we won't have white Christmas.

I prayed very hard and hope to see the snow since the day i arrived in Germany.
皇天不负苦心 !!!!
The snow finally arrived.. DAMN DAMN DAMN HAPPY !
but then the Kabala family is more excited than me to see the snow.
Aunty Gabi was jumping and screaming "Kwai Fei , Schnee! Schnee! Schnee!Photo!schneller!" LOL..

Anyway , the snow doesn't look like they are going to stay until next week. 
We gonna have grey and dirty street tomorrow i think >.<

-This one cannot eat !-
-Uncle Christoph with me-

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I miss Mel-Mel...

I wanna train Mel-Mel to do all cute

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Embarassing moment

I currently working in DataIn department , the two colleague who sitting in the same room only come to work at 9am. so i must go to work alone abit later because i do not have keys for the room.

Usually i will nap in the train , and Damian will wake me up when we reach our stop.

As usual , i fell asleep in the train again, when i woke up i was 3 station away from my stop, i quickly stand up(jump up actually) and wanna go out, but i blur blur open the wrong door!!!(It should be the other side) then i sit back down because i couldn't open the door...

Everybody in the same couch were looking at me with O.o look because there's nobody else standing and it was so quite, i bet everybody is wondering why i wanna open the door which leads me to hell...

The worst part is ? I only realized i open the wrong door when i was in the next station , because i'm trying to open the same door again !!!!

Damn sia sui !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nail Art Animation

Do blog hopping on all nail art related blogs today,
and i found this video... it's the first nail art animation in the world according to the description...
Super nice lea....*drooling* when i see there so many bottles of nail polishes in the box..
i wish i can have 1200 bottles of nail polishes too ~

aaaaahhhhhHHHHH! Not only Angel is scolding me..
My papa , mummy , Jamie and ahThan will scold me also >.<

Friday, December 2, 2011

very-random post V2

The last time i transferred the photos was 1 year and 4 months ago i think...
Never really blog after in started working , so never bother trasnferring those pictures to PC..

Just transfer all the picture from my phone to laptop because few days ago..i want to take some phtos but the camera was not with me , so i took out my phone happily ! but i can only take 3 photos because memory full >.< geram betul ...

Rubbish #1 Celebrations!

All advent calendar has 24 windows which reveal yummy chocolates, sweets or toys (depends which type you buy). You are allowed to open 1 window per day until 24th Dec , then it's the time to celebrate Christmas!!

Bought another one for ahThan too , but my colleague ffk me and said she won't be able to bring it back to M'sia. So i can only bring it back on January. then he have to start opening the windows to count down for Chinese New Year.

Rubbish #2 Who's next?

This was taken last year and those people are the support staffs in DE ST-OPS team. 4 peoples left within 2 years... All of them didn't leave GfK ,other support team and developer team dig them away from our side only. 

All new people in ST-OPS DE now , they also not enough experience la, still wanna set the rule of "advise DE team before escalating the ticket"... 等死吧!Already can predict that MY Team will become mati katak very fast , especially if my manager still 不自量力, keep on asking for more task for us ! k la , don't talk so much bad thing..

I was surprised to know that most of European doesn't change their job.. 1st job and work until they retired...they say it's because they already have commitment to the Company wor... my mummy style lea!

Rubbish #3 Diaper Cakes

FB Page --> ShilaShower 

Saw an online deal previously , i contacted the seller directly instead of purchasing the deal online, the seller was very generous and said she will add in something extra for me since she don't need to pay the commission to the online deal company.

SiakTai and i share share to buy this diaper cake for Cindy's new born baby Melissa... I glad she likes it....Something special compared to those baby hampers..

Rubbish #3 Mashed Potato
Bought a box of potato powder ,there's 2 recipe written on the box. Initially i wanted to to Shepherd Pie..but the instruction seems very hard, so i used half of the potato powder to do mashed potato first.. but this was a total failure...

I gave up... instant mashed potato is much better!
Step 1: Add water
Step 2: Wait.....
Step 3: Makan!
Ta da!!!!

Rubbish #4 Keyboard brush =)
It belongs to my colleague who is sitting opposite me... It was facing to him initially..
but one day , i was too stress in work , then he turn this brush to face me and says "Be happy!"

Thats all for now ~ buh byeee