Thursday, October 29, 2009


love to eat lollipop since i knew syndy,
she always treat me lollipop >.<
curi curi makan in the class..(actually quite obvious ,the batang sticking out wan =.=||)
wanted to collect lollipop ,but its too expensive and it will attract ants ~~
so never buy any BIG lollipop myself..

got this from benben
~kept it since April >.< ~
lolz...finally i ate it , it was too big so i shared with my friends ~~

the new lollipop (got it from ahBoy)
this one ...cookies lollipop!
i will finish it myself ,coz it is biscuit.

i still got one more "cow cow" lollipop which given by my sis...

fattening stuff!!
diet la wei!

super-duper beautiful jelly cake

"do you want cake or cookies? i bake for you ~"
" it will be 1st time u baking cookies or cake?"
"erm..then i would prefer jelly..that's the only thing u never do wrong...just mix with water ,boil it ..."bla bla bla

who said jelly is easy to do?!
LOL..asked ppls around me to teach me how to do jelly..
all of them also answered "very easy wan!!!read the instruction behind the jelly powder packet la"
=.=|||   nonsense ! nvm i do research myself ~~
googling the whole night for a beautiful jelly pics..
and i even sketched a structure of my "super-duper beautiful jelly cake"...

my super-duper beautiful jelly cake had FAILED ~

nvm ,i got plan B!
what is my plan B?! i also dunno~
dun care that much la...hehehe

lolz. used 2 days to finished the jelly cake...
becoz each layer have to wait 30-60 mins till it totally harden..
and u know la~my 60mins is 120mins...
so 10 layers =
120 *10=1200 min
1200/60=20 hours
(started on Monday mid-night and finished on Tuesday night)


-easier to eat after breaking it into 2parts >.<-

P.S: i should learn how to bake cake ~~hehe...KuiLu's bday coming next , can bake one for her super-duper beautiful jelly cake...muahaha

Friday, October 23, 2009

V.I.P of my life

this day is a special day ^^  
2 of the VIP in my life birthday fall at the same date

although they grown up in different background, born in different decade
but this 2 person actually having the 99% of :
same characteristic
same behavior
same way of thinking
same way to solve problem...

eh ..wait...
you all havent know who are they 
my dearest daddy n my bodyguard

Happy Birthday ^.^

dear bodyguard :

Monday, October 19, 2009

super random

 -been searching this high n lo last few weeks...-
- super speechless when i found it-
-inside my pocket?! and the thing is.......i checked the pocket for more than 10 times d!!!-
-kek sei-

-super duper ugly, yes* i use this kind of keychain for 2 weeks d-
-time to change ^^-

My long weekend ~~

eat eat and be happy ^^
lol...never stop eating when im home..
my mom always call me a camel!
(i used to eat alot in weekend when im home only,
n starve during weekdays in hostel..but now, i learned how to enjoy myself d)
lol ..yes yes , in these 4 days , 
i only eat and eat

woke up at 11++ , then go for nail art class..
after class went to pasar malam.
oh ya ! i ate curry puff...weeee ~~
(been asking ahThan to buy me a curry puff for the past 2 weeks..
haih..tak boleh harap wan..ask mummy better )

and and and , i ate sushi !!!!
sushi king having rm2 per plate offer last week ,
so i was so tempting to eat sushi,
mom called up daddy n told him that i wanted to eat sushi...
daddy said "no problem ,dinner eat outside !"
ho ho ho !
we went Kinsahi ,  sit in VIP place ...
but the VIP place quite stuffy , have to take out shoe summore .
dun care la ~ can eat salmon ,everything's is worthy.

(omg! damn happy) 

Friday (16/10)
what a tiring night , dreamt alot alot alot of things...
woke up with tired and blur mind
n was thinking "how come shuyi havent confirm the time with me ,
what if she ffk me again ?! what punishment i should do to them if they really ffk me"
hehe...maybe shuyi know that im thinking bout her ,
she called and informed me that they will reach my house after 10 mins !
(oh ok ~~10 min ~~ off the phone and wanted to sleep back , emmmm...did she said 10 mins?!)
jumped out from my bed and quickly brush my teeth n get ready >.<
we went to KimGary

3 of us sat there for 3 hours >.< settled out breakfast + lunch + tea there...
  we just couldnt stop crapping ..hmmm i miss high school time ald~
oh ya ! oh ya !
was helping my dad to take passport pic at tat night..
and become white mice to let him practice some skill with his camera

-behind the scene-
(mummy and i cannot stop laughing when see him like tat)


hmm..nothing special happened in the morning and noon
wasted my time in fb game
went to play golf in the evening,
after golf,
we went Shah Alam for dinner.
the talkative restaurant owner talk bout her history for an hour..
stood in front of the restaurant and fed blood to mosquito >.<
second round!
we went to cousin's house for DURIAN! muahaha
(was kena caught when hiding myself in the study room n talking on the phone.
kena lectured by 2 pair of parents >.<)

Sunday (18/10)
nothing much happened,
daddy went out early morning to attend the canon what what marathon...
wasted RM90 in Amante for signing an session of massage
Jamie came back from BBJ ,
and we had dinner together >.<
long time never eat together d... weeee~~
i LOVE my family  <3

Friday, October 16, 2009

loooong weekend ~~

happy long weekend..
*thumbs up* for this week timetable,
monday and wednesday got class as usual ,
but tuesday , thursday and friday is a HOLIDAY !

but this tuesday ,we didnt manage to go and watch movie >.<
coz we got an assignment due on wednesday .
so spent my day just to get it done before it was too late ....
(hehe...last minute work lebih syok kah?!)

came back to Klang on wednesday night because i had a dentist appointment on thursday...
next post only write bout how i enjoy my long weekend la~~ hehe
bye bye ..

Saturday, October 10, 2009


long time never go shopping or online shopping ,

lots of unexpected things happened for the past one month,
made myself busy for nothing..
everyday wake up > online > tired then sleep...

i should make up my mind and turn on the FYP-MODE...
(atleast must do some research la deiii!)

anyway ,
received the colored contact lens which i ordered 2 months ago~~
i'm sure i'll look very weird with blue colored lens

(btw, my rainbow-nail nice anot? hehe..)

a one day "crab island" trip would be nice 
(*hint* to my dearest,  plan everything asap ! thank you )

Monday, October 5, 2009

new record

week 1 : 544
week 2 : 96
Y^.^Y week 3 : 1155 
(still increasing....)

yay ! congratulation ! 
break record d ! 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mooncake festival

this year, mom's birthday falls on mooncake festival.
can u imagine we dont have any plan for this special day...

i thought it will be a boring day..
wasting my time in fb the whole day...
**vibrate** (weeee~~~ sunhui sms me and asked me out to go yumcha)
but i rejected her because i want to stay at home , no celebration for mom at least must stay at home to accompany her...
muahaha...luckily sunhui came out with an great idea !
come to my house to play lantern ,drink tea, eat mooncake (real tea! not those cafe cafe drinks)

so i called ahThan >.< *poofzz* he appear in front of my house in 30minutes time ... (wondering how fast he speed?!)

enjoyed crapping with my family n friends...
slept at 3am >.<
the next morning , we woke up at 8.15am for bkt ( initial plan is meet up at8.30am)
muahaha...biasalah...i wont be punctual wan ! add one more piggie ahThan..
100% for sure ! LATE !

mummy's birthday "cake"?
(Jamie's idea)

papa n mummy mia frighten look..
(ahThan throw the fire cracker without informing us)

 - preparation going on -

mummy act cool , not fierce lea >.<

(forget to take pic with SunHui =.=")

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i watched movie today !

i watched movie today !! ( am i excited because of the movie or the popcorn?!)
already live without movie for 2 weeks ! 2 WEEKS !


>.< yes , i skipped the class again ~
woke up at 12pm because have to bring something for SS,
so SS belanja me the most famous bread in her sch...

(i dunno why they call it that?)

 hehe...but a bread not enough for me to tahan until dinner..
so went subang for late lunch at 4pm...
had japanese food...hmm...u know how hard to pull Than for japanese food ?!
his sister managed to did that ..** salute salute **


watched the ugly truth.
nice nice..
popcorn all very small today >.< not nice @.@


went dinner after that ...
tak berhenti makan ... muahaha.
the paikuat is very nice ~weeeee....
-no photo taken-

fat fat JJ looks cleaner with her clean cage ^^


the end...not wednesday ...
but still can watch movie wan mah ~~


P.S    bitten by ThonThon (FiFi?!) yesterday night T__T
...itchy itchy...
(lesson learned : never put your hand infront of their face, they will think that is food)