Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Surprise from aunty Gabriella

Kabala family are very friendly ! 
Damian heard that i want to buy Lebkuchen, 
then i see these on my table after 2 days.... 
Yum yummm.....
Lebkuchen is a traditional German Christmas treats

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A simple message

You made my day ^_^
I will practice more , make sure you eat everything i cook ..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Munich one day trip

-On the way to the train station, see those lil sheep ?-

-the train that we took, Kabala family says this is as slow as "Bummelzug"-
 -marienplatz münchen-
the middle of the Munich City
-taken in hofgarten-
 -taken from the Sankt.Peter church, entrance fee is 1.5 euro- 
-Surfing on the river @ English garden-
This is the most interesting thing in Munich, dont they feel cold?
who knows the name of this activities? 
-Lunch @ Tambosi-
-Pretending only..... haha-

Greetings from Germany

15th October 2011

Now i know how hard to say good bye... especially seeing your beloved one waving at you from far, and you have to walk further from them.... I almost cry seeing ahThan and papa mummy waving and say bye bye , luckily Yvonne was looking at me or else i can't imagine how ugly i will be.

My flight to Amsterdam was delayed for 35 minutes.. after every passenger is seated and the plane are ready to go , but then they suddenly announced that one of passenger has collapsed , so they need to send him to doctor. We waited blindly in the plane for another 2 hours ...It was a bad experience, sitting in the tiny seats for 2 hours.

Because of the delays, We have to be fast in order to get into the connecting flights in Amsterdam Schipol Airport..That was a damn bloody big airport! we ran for around 20 minutes just to get to the boarding gate. No time to shop at all.... ish...

We have to take the bus to get into the airplane, it was 5 degree celcius and i could stand outside with a t-shirt and jeans.. geng lea?

Peter and Bastian picked us up in Nuremberg airport, and brought us to the hauptmarkt in the city.
 -Host family and my "new" house-
-the bed-

Cannot upload other pictures... so if you wanna see more picture, go to my fb ^^