Friday, January 14, 2011

People i hate the most on the road

1. Lil Kap chai that want to go on high way instead of using motorcycle lane.
Please lil myvi only can go 100km/h. it's already consider very slow in the high way. Still have to fight the 2nd lane with those lil Kap chai.
Those lil kap chai driver, can u go back to your motorcycle lane or at least don't ride slowly like your father owns the road, go to the slowest lane, you can enjoy all you want !

2. Lil Kap chai and buses that squeeze here and there in Jam or in tight road and scratches all the cars all the way to the end.

4. Modified LOCAL car that thinks their car can go very fast like luxury sedans or sports cars.
Sound like Thunder , but slow like a turtle.  Stop producing some more smokes hard u accelerate, you will still be in front of me only.

5. SIBUK fella that slow down when got accidents.

dah lah only 1 lane left ! still want to sibuk...
causing jam only . not like you will help them also.
 if you really want to help , go stop at the road side and go down to help.
want to slow down and sibuk sibuk for what?!

i admit that i'm not a patient driver, i sometimes drive recklessly too.
but at least i didn't caused any jam.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Date : 04-01-2011
My 1st anniversary ~

why do i says it's only MY anniversary? because ahThan said it's no longer a special day for him , he had a lot of "1st anniversary" with his ex(s)...

so, i thought ahThan wont remember anything and already expecting he wont do anything .
Besides , I worked night shift on the day, so we can't even meet up.

but but, 2 simple messages that i received from him is enough to melt my heart >.<
( received it around 2am. he supposedly sleeping at that time and i just got home after my work)

" Happy anniversary fatfat. i love u very very much =* "

" Half asleep.Just wanna say i love you.Sweet dreams "