Sunday, December 26, 2010

My dinner

yumm yummm ~ Acar-acar for tonight's dinner ....
specially from ahThan's mom <3 i love acar-acar!
Thank you aunty !

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MY 1st anniversary.

i'm counting down for MY 1st anniversary.
14days to go!
because ahThan said it's not that important to him , it will not be his 1st "first anniversary"
he asked me to celebrate the "anniversary" 4 years later with him >.<
ish..spoiled my mood for being happy and wanna be romantic ....

-It's the 3rd year that we celebrated Christmas together  <3-
-See the 1st and 2nd year 's picture ~-

frankly speaking, i don't dare expect for the 4th-year ...
hmmm should i say i can't guarantee anything for this stage,

both of us are still young, playful and fresh for everything
things change from time to time, and unexpected things usually happens suddenly.

but i appreciated and enjoyed every moment spent with him.
i love the feeling of having him in my mind and heart all the times.
i love the feeling of cuddling, hugging and falling asleep on his arm
i love the feeling of seeing every single expression of him
i love the feeling of loving him.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A quick one

Internet connection in my house is damn damn damn bad ,
how come Bukit Tinggi so lousy? not supporting anything more than 1mbps?!
i want Unifi !! atleast give me 2mbps la ! 

My lovely Spikey died on 28th Oct.
lots of things happened on that day so couldn't even see him for the last sight.
felt so sorry for him and the previous owner.
some special incident happened on that day too, but i shall keep it within myself ~

i got my confirmation letter this Monday~
got it before the 6 months probation period..muahaha.  
still trying hard to adapt to my new role- 1st level support (Global service desk) 
felt so sad and shock when they announce i will be in 1st level until they got enough human resources to pull me back to 2nd level support (Technical Support). haih...what to do ~ fresh grad must suffer abit ..

that's all for tonight, sleepy d...
oh ya !

Tomorrow is TaipeiTaipei official opening ...
so please go and support by having your dinner there.
altho it's abit pricey, but it worth every single cents.
all ingredients and workers are imported from Taiwan.
want to see leng chais? go TaipeiTaipei tomorrow...
free beer serve after 10pm tomorrow.