Monday, June 21, 2010

SiewSeen's love bento

woke up at around 10am...
i saw a packet of Nasi Lemak on the dining table >.<
Dear SiewSeen dapau Nasi Lemak for me while she on the way to Vista from Cheras...
how sweet is that ~~
i dun need to worry bout breakfast loooo....
ahThan reminded me not to mix all the sambal in because it's really spicy...
but i still have wrap wantan while eating although i only added some >.< 
ahThan and SiewSeen suffered from stomachache and diarrhea after that...
so pitiful ~

love it SS ! thank you ~~hahaha
*next time, i want something that you cook yourself*

O'Briens Sandwiches Bar @ Empire Gallery

O'Briens Sandwiches Bar @ Empire Gallery
ahThan and i

Eating O'Briens sandwich is really tiring!
ppl must have healthy teeth to eat it because there is a piece of some sort fried bacon in the sandwich>.<
its too hard and my lil cutie teeth tak boleh tahan ~~ 
a very expensive meal ~2 sandwiches and a hot chocolate cost us about RM45...
i rather go to Carls Jr for burger >.<

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A tiring work....

played with ahThan camera yesterday...
using light is way better than fire smell at all...
-can see my head blocking the light-
-the best one from ahThan-
(it inspired me to do something like this > too) 
-i think mine nicer-
-the 'K' cacat ald....ish-

i like this the most ~
-but 'Jon' looks like 'Fern'-

its a tiring job! have to write all the thing in few seconds and make sure any part of the body dont block the light, have to estimate the gap of each character ....probably my eyes will be blind if we continue doing it...

went to cycling today>.< tired ...buh bye good night..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Boston Baru@Jalan Kapar, Klang
(Opposite Kamdar, Same row as Lembaga Tabung Haji)
Sufen,Charlene,HuiShi,Doreen, Joanna and me ~
Doreen invited us to a photo shooting event which all of us have to wear white attire  ~.~
i couldn't find any white shirt from my wardrobe, so i korek from Jamie's and seek help from Charlene..
Charlene came to my house at 9am...she started to unpack her bag and put all her clothes on my bed....
for the 1st time in my life, my room was so messy until i feel uncomfortable to see so many WHITE clothes on my bed....

4 make up artists included Doreen and 3 photographers already stand by in the room when we reach Prescott Hotel...
few of us were busy cam whoring while the professional one trying hard to doll us up..
>.< great to know some awesome make up artists like Joanna and Cally....
-Doreen and us-

-Charlene, SuFen, HuiShi, and me-(pls ignore my pic,i know im ruining the pic >.<)

-Charlene's crazy lashes done by Joanna-

4 of us, Sufen , Lene ,Huishi and i were so excited after being doll-up by those make up artists..
we asked Ivan, the photographer to stay back after the event to take more photo of us.
(FYI , he's a lil boy i knew since secondary sch...a lil boy who always carry a DSLR with him and now he turned to be professional photographer)...
Doreen have to stay back too because our stuffs is in the hotel room and she cannot check out 1st...

One of us suggested to go Boston for dinner...but usually we have to wait more than 1 hours to get our food..luckily Charlene got the boss' phone number, and we placed our order through the phone...
we'd been informed that the waiting time is roughly 1hour and15min,so we took our own sweet time to pack our stuffs and keep on taking picture with SF's camera...

but we still have to wait for 30min after we found a place to sit in Boston...
see the guy in the 1st pic? he's Sufen's kent gor( aka Boston boss )

-we managed to attract everybody with our "special" look...

-Steamed Lala- (big one! everybody is craving for this)

-Gong bo mantis prawn-
-(forgot to take pic of )the butter mantis prawn-
-vege( i dunno what is that..i only know it can be eaten)-
-clay pot taufu-
it cost us about RM80 for this meal...
all of us split up after that ~
it was a great day with great experience.... 
i got backache and face-ache after this event , because those photographer asked me to pose in many weird posture, and they said "smile naturally without seeing your braces"....(i think i should practice how to smile and look elegant..)

ahThan and i..
ahThan complained hungry at around 11pm, and asked me whether he should go and eat or not ~
i'm not sure how i ended up in mamak with him after i had a heavy-dinner..
but i know how my weight increase like nobody's business !
-cheese naan-

-roti cheese with condensed milk-

-mee goreng-

-everyone's favorite ~ roti bala(k) -

T______T i become big fat pig is all ahThan's fault ! agree?!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Casa Di Napoli@BandarBaruKlang

Casa Di Napoli,
No 12 Jalan Tiara 2C/KU1, Bandar Baru Klang.
Family of Chew and WeiHong,WeiLuen, WaiKian

my uncle and aunt left their beloved children in M'sia and go pakto...
mummy suggested to have dinner with my cousins while they are dinner-less...
this is actually our family tradition, my uncle will also bring us makan when my perants go for vacation...

as usual , mummy called my cousin and inform them that we are going to have dinner in TuanYuan@BandarBaruKlang.
as usual, my cousins arrived earlier than us because we stay further from the restaurant...
as usual, my sister and daddy will hesitate where to eat although we already made our decision...
my cousins actually were sitting in the restaurant to wait for us, but my daddy changed the plan >.< 5 of us went into the restaurant and asked my cousins to leave immediately..
the workers in the restaurant were shocked and tried to pull us back in the restaurant ...imagine suddenly 8people stand up and walk away in a famous restaurant without ordering anything...
some of the customers were looking at us~~

we went to this Italiano Pizzeria few street away.
my 2nd visit to this place, the food was okay...but the service is superb...
the boss is friendly and helpful....

-minestrone soup-

-mushroom soup-

-highly recommended by the boss lamb shank-

-cabonara spaghetti-

-my beloved lasagna-
we ordered another 2 dishes because we were craving for more...

-fish n chips (promotion price RM9.90)-



-FAT Jamie-

-KuiLu nWaiKian-


try out when you come to Klang...its really worth to try once.....
its hard to get a parking lot if you come in the afternoon, but their set lunch is much cheaper as they serve exactly the same thing at night but with more expensive price....

Italiannies @ TheGardens

Italiannies @ TheGardens
HuiSze, Jamie, SiewSeen, Sufen,ahThan , me~

-fail attempt(HS can get in)-
-all in-
大家都点了 Italiannies 的 set lunch, 
RM27.90 就有前菜和主菜
比 Fridays 便宜两块,选择也比较多。。(大概是我吃腻了Fridays的食物)



-yumm yumm-

-the knife?-