Sunday, January 24, 2010

i'm loving it

*not the mickey-miao*

Wonderful dinner

i insist to have Bolognaise spaghetti  for dinner because there are some Bolognaise sauce left in the fridge..
but there's no meatball n meat, so we have to go and buy~
but but but ~ suddenly dun feel like eating Bolognaise,
and at the same time i spotted Carbonara sauce which i never try before,and he never cook before.
so i decided to try something new...

i helped to cut the ham and bacon !(*proud proud*)
Ta Da! -->
=) its really really nice (=

the Bolognaise sauce is still in the fridge (after 2 weeks) >.<
gonna throw that away ~ aiks...wasted~

Saturday, January 23, 2010


here comes the 100th post !

finished all my assignments and finals.

Holiday Plan :
Plan 1 - watch all the downloaded drama and movie  (sudah outdated kut)
Plan 2 - enjoy my time lying on the couch and watch tv (havent do tat for so long d~~)
Plan 3 - teman mummy go shopping (to buy my stuffs)
Plan 4 - accompany(force) daddy to watch movies in cinema
Plan 5 - another 3 or 4 days for my FYP midpoint...
Plan 6 - escape from my house for a short vacation

initially , i got 2 weeks holiday,
but! APIIT changed our schedule and new sem start earlier >.<
have to squeeze my 2 weeks holiday plan into 1 week. celaka!
and i just found out...i left my hdd in hostel...all my drama is in there!!!
ish !

here's my actual holiday plan :
Plan 1 - stream youtube all the time
Plan 2 - watch tv until halfway n go out fetch my sis
Plan 3 - wake up help mummy to sweep n mop floor
Plan 4 - download movies ,because daddy only want to watch avatar 3D >.<
Plan 5 - no changes , but it already occupied half of my holiday
Plan 6 - stay at home see holiday-tv-show
anyone wanna date me?
im free!! very free!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

its 99th post

华语还退步了很多呢~(可是,英语还是停留在同样的level !差!)


大家都知道~ 我每天都以 "EAT EAT AND BE HAPPY" 当我人生的座右铭吧~
所以请各位大哥大姐多多指教, 有什么好吃的地方,记得告诉我哦~~





虎年,属龙的会很衰 >.<
求求神灵的保佑 @.@



Sunday, January 10, 2010

they are increasing !

im scared to stand on the weighing machine now~
hong kong trip + 2 BBQ Party already makes me look like a baloon....

for past one week, i was busying with assignments ~
and u know.....
snacking for whole day non stop ...
and to reduce tension = eat eat = happy !

---Friday 08Jan2010---
went to Carls JR after submiting the 2 assignments.
it was my first visit...
ahThan suggested to makan there for few times ,
but i think RM15 for a burger is plain expensive~

but this time....HuiSze and ahThan also want to dine there~
i have no choice ....
but ..hmmm... what can i say ~
its worthy to spend so much to fill your stomach with Carls JR burger.
BIG size and tasty >.<
no regrets !the bill cost us RM60.65 for 3 burgers,a large fries ,one side dishes and bottomless drinks.

we sat down there for 3 hours ,chit chatting and  discussing other ppl backside...

----Saturday 09Jan2010---
woke up at 11.30am....the first thing i smelled is FOOD!
HuiSze started complaining hungry and keep on saying " Mui Choi Zeng Zhu Yok"..
i have to hear her "Mui Chi Zeng Zhu Yok" from 11.30 till 1.30 >.< ish !
went to Alison for our breakfast + lunch..
3 of us ate these =>

i enjoyed the meal ~ even though its not nice..

---Saturday 09Jan2010---
my mom woke me up and asked me whether want to go for dinner anot~
tot dun wanna go,becoz i had heavy lunch and sleep until my whole bodyache
but when my mom said "we going to eat sushi, u sure u dun wanna follow?"
T_T die die also wake up to eat ~
followed them to Sake Sushi in JJ.
we were seated beside a bunch of secondary youngster.(my sister's sch mate)
they talked so loud and laugh so hard until i got headache..
i wonder why they must talk like in pasar malam.
as if the person beside u cant hear u...and u need to shout until the whole restaurant also can hear what are u talking about...
S.I.E.N...ppl just woke up and got headache again becoz of this youngster..

requested to change our seating and i was too happy to see the sushi ~so the youngsters did not spoil my mood~

afterall...i enjoyed my dinner and im so fullllll now >.<

my weight T___T keep on increasing ~ i need to exercise more !

Monday, January 4, 2010

after assignment

we deserved a nice meal after starving half of a day with assignment.

1 down! 2 more to go...
aza aza !

Sunday, January 3, 2010

nyek nyek

im gaining weight >.<
2 bbq party + hk vacation = XXXkg
and today we had these for supper :

Ayam goreng
gee thosai (dunno how to spell the "gee")
maggie goreng telur

Roti telur

horlick panas
teh C special
teh ice
again ~
2 of us ate quantity for 3 person.