Friday, May 28, 2010

oink oink

ahThan said im no longer piggie...
I'm now a big fat pig >.<

i should control myself!!!
no more supper although i would die of hunger~~
(used too much energy when burning mid night oil i think ~ .___. )
no more roti cheese with condensed milk ,
no more teh tarik...

my weight increase back ~~
haih....susah-susah diet now back to normal pulak !

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my emo pets ~

arghhh...whats wrong with them?

usually he will wake up n come to me when i put the food bowl in ~
but now....put the food in front of him , he also look away ~ why why why?

she usually will hiss when i go so near to take pic ~
why is she not avoiding me?why why why?

maybe they also know their owner having problems~ so emo bersama-sama

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

终止就是很复杂 >.<






你一直都有爸爸,妹妹,啊桂如 和 我永远永远在你身边。。
放心啦~你老的时候。。我会煮给你吃,给你零用钱,接你住进我家,还有找顾你的。。我不会那么不孝把你送去老人院的! 真的!

Friday, May 7, 2010

take a break !

every beginning of the semester, 
i will tell myself "NO MORE LAST MINUTE WORK! its suffering"
after so many times telling myself that ~
after 12 semesters in Diploma and Degree...
im still doing last minute work ~
i'm a lazy girl....(i admit!)
i dont enjoy last minute work ,
its not perfect , it sometimes turns out to be rubbish .
i tried to start my assignments and study earlier.
but every time it will stuck at "introduction" page until 4days before the due date.

i need a body massage badly after this ~
Sufen promised me she will give me hand massage.
ahThan says he will sponsor me full body massage +reflexology if i can finish my FYP before him.
*looking for sponsorship* i need facial also ! hehehe.


phew ...take a break !
Jamie's birthday cake,choc indulgence was so nice ~
but too bad...she distributed it to her friends, and i cant get any extra slice.
so i asked ahThan to bring me to secret recipe before dinner...
i chose choc banana (????)
(hmm ~ i know its just like a pregnant lady when doing last minute work.)
(i ate something that i dun like ......chocolate @.@ eewww~~~)

-Chocolate Banana-
ahThan " eat here or take away?"
me "take away la..."
ahThan" eat here la...go find a seat"
me " huh?!" (* so many empty seats..why wanna find seat?*)
ahThan "GO FIND SEAT !"
me "oh ~~" (*frighten..he suddenly turn into monster*) 
(*walk away ~~)

i was o.O when i first saw the cake.
ahThan said "  Its a SIN ! to eat this fattening food.... FAT FAT !"

the waitress look at me at smile......
i wonder if she thinking the same thing or anot?!

nom nom nom nom ......
he likes to surprise me but then tease me at the same time ....
celaka !


(its kinda weird ...yea very weird...)
i feel like cooking lunch for ahThan ...
the last time i cooked for him was in February.
when he admitted to hospital ....

i wakes him up ...and told him the good news !
well ~ his expression is o.O ( expected !) 

- i named it "super-duper-yummy-macaroni- 

i prepared all the ingredients by my own ...
i became panic when i on the fire.
it was NOT under control.
ahThan quickly came in and help ~
hmmmm...correction * he came in to cook..i jadi helper*

me " u must love me more ! because i cooked for u"
ahThan opened his mouth and wanted counter back
me" that is why i love you soooooo much...u always cook for me <3"
ahThan *stunned* " hmm~ that was a good answer..."

Nom nom nom nom nom ~~~
Sedap !
continue ur FYP ! oh ok ~~~ buh byeeee.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


i got 8 months to complete this project..
In this 8 months , i have to..
  1. meet the supervisor for at least 6 times.
  2. do a proper documentation with at least 15k words
  3. do a prototype for my system
time flies ~~
only 12 days left !
my progress?
  1. i met my supervisor for 3 times. sudah banyak ni...he's not leng cai also.go find him for what ?!
  2. documentation = 1k pun takda... can i buy other's ppl FYP?! nyek nyek nyek.
  3. prototype? huh? aiyo >.< what is that ?
im gonna suffer for the next 12 days and complete the FYP!
i aim for .....................PASS!
i dun want more....
>.< when can i stop all these crap? i really dun like my study life.
i want to do what i like !