Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i got my FIRST wisdom tooth ^^

i wouldnt realize it if i dun have ulcer ~~
today ,i want to put watermelon flost on my ulcer...
i open my mouth BIG BIG infront of my small mirrow
and OOPS!!
how come got one white white thing here...
takkan got one so big ulcer and i din feel anything one mah ~~~
then i put my finger in and touch touch
hard hard ~ and ...and....
is it a tooth?!
i showed my sister
she replied " your wisdom tooth la! haiyo..
yerr..your wisdom tooth also sengek one! need to extract la..."(wth! no need kua..she also had a sengek wisdom tooth and she have to cut it off in gov clinic ..very pain and scary wor according to how she described)
back to my wisdom tooth~~
i'm happy i got my FIRST wisdom tooth ^^
ppl said it will be painful,
but i dun feel anything right now~maybe few days later will pain>.< 
so lets see it got cause any pro to me anot ~
nyek nyek nyek ~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


this blog dun have password protected feature , 
so i post it in another blog...

can ask me for password,
but dun angry for not giving password to you(incase)~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

random--happy and sad

found a nice game!
never know J will reply like that ....
he's too cool to chat with , 
so when he replied like that , 
i'm quite surprised

Fei Zi ☆KwaiFei ☆FeiFei says (11:53 PM):
 eh !!!
 i forgot to bath today
JŏŊąŤĦåŇ says (11:53 PM):
Fei Zi ☆KwaiFei ☆FeiFei says (11:53 PM):
JŏŊąŤĦåŇ says (11:54 PM):
Fei Zi ☆KwaiFei ☆FeiFei says (12:12 AM):
 back ^^
JŏŊąŤĦåŇ says (12:13 AM):
 welcome back
 how was ur shower, madam  ( ???!!! he sot jor ar..why reply like that de) 
Fei Zi ☆KwaiFei ☆FeiFei says (12:14 AM):
 the water too hot ! next time set nicely for me
 if not fire u !  
JŏŊąŤĦåŇ says (12:14 AM):  (*thought he will back to normal and reply "haha")
 sorry, madam
JŏŊąŤĦåŇ says (12:15 AM):
 want to eat supper, madam?
Fei Zi ☆KwaiFei ☆FeiFei says (12:16 AM):
 hot milo ,thanks
JŏŊąŤĦåŇ says (12:18 AM):
 *passing hot milo*
 how is it, madam  
Fei Zi ☆KwaiFei ☆FeiFei says (12:18 AM):
 **drinking hot milo**
 ermmm...not bad ~ 
jadi my slave for so long , now can make nice milo d
Fei Zi ☆KwaiFei ☆FeiFei says (12:19 AM):
 good ! this month salary extra rm2
JŏŊąŤĦåŇ says (12:19 AM):
 thank you, madam
 i canot stop laughing
 very funny
Fei Zi ☆KwaiFei ☆FeiFei says (12:19 AM):


bad news for today ...
ben ben akira got accident...
luckily noone injured~
but when he sms me and asked me to tham him...
i really dunno what to do...
usually ben ben is the one make me happy and laugh..
now want me to pujuk him ,
kinda hard for me
so i tried to crapzz lots of things...
but he still very sad and down..

so so so sorry, ben ben ....
dun sad la~~
i treat u lollipop ok? (** if like that can make him happy,then i also happy loooo)
ben ben ...no prob wan ...
dun worry ..
"man dai shi , got me !"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

dai wu long ~

was busying my assignments one month ago..
so i skipped my duty for one month~

but too sad la..all TA must fulfil 20 hours per month
so~to make my record better,
i decided to work straight 5 shifts - 13 hours a day ,
GOD !!
too long never duty ...
whole body ache like shit~
the next day also duty 13 hours >.<
but i was happy on 2nd day,
bcoz i can go home after that~
so i enjoyed my 2nd day duty ^^

we must send email to inform everyone in TA team whenever
we did something or did not do anything...
so i send out email to inform my supervisor Mr.Gurdip and all my colleague that i couldn't go QC

the 1st email :
Dear Gurdip, 
sorry to inform you that I couldn't perform QC in shift today(31st march),
because there are only 2 TA duty in that shift. 
the 2nd email:
correction correction 
Dear Gurdip, 
sorry to inform you that I couldn't perform QC in shift today(31st march),
because there are only 2 TA duty in that shift. 
(i ticked change all in spelling checker =.="


I'm sure all of you didn't see the word "wife"
if i didn't mention it again >.<
my advice ,
hmp !!

now lots of TA laughing about this ,
and call me Gurdip wife ..