Thursday, February 25, 2010

my 1st lou sang in 2010..



my 1st lou sang in 2010..

Monday, February 22, 2010

holiday gone ~

Last day of holiday ~~

can i start over again from the first day of CNY?hehe

its a special and lively CNY compared to last year ~
continuously 5days of house hopping..
non-stop of gambling , visiting and eating >.<
parents complained cannot see my face during this CNY..
sisters complained my angpau more than them  v^___^v

cant sleep early today ~
it's "cho 9"..firework's everywhere..and also car siren =.="
world war 3!
i got flu and sore throat T___T
tot wanna rest early today ~

72 Tenants of Prosperity is really funny...
go watch it >.<
Restaurant Uno!  is freaking expensive !
but i like the carbonara spaghetti ! cost RM83 for 2 pax
(one large pizza + spaghetti + 2 iced lemon tea..)
money won from gambling all gone ~
Etude house having promotion !
go sapu barang-barangan there~~
Bao Xiang BKT in berkeley is errrr not nice ...
the bkt is quite special..but the portion is too lil , service damn slow and expensive..
but visited there twice in this week .____.

random sial...

i got a surprise from him....
im surprised (REALLY SURPRISED) to see this Valentine's present...
both of us dun plan to celebrate Valentine's because its not important for us and im not going to let the restaurant earn money for providing so-called couple set dinner that day =.=

He came to klang to join me "borrow toilet" with my friends...
a day before, he told me that he got something for me as Valentine's present  .___.
(ish ! he want to make me guilty for didnt prepare present for him)
at that moment, only teddy bears came into my mind...
i tot he will cincai cincai buy a teddy bear or bring me to a restaurant~ 
hmm <3 six heart-shaped and one clover-shaped HANDMADE cookies.
( forgot to take pic before i eat..hehe )
 im loving it ~


               |# ANG|                                  this is the only time i can gamble !
               |PAO# |                                                    hooray ~
               |_____ |

|# ANG|
|PAO# |                        i want MORE angpau....!
|_____ |        
                      |# ANG|
                      |PAO# |
                      |_____ | 

oh ya ! it was WONG ZI XUAN's birthday ~
what a special combo day for dajie....
H.A.P.P.Y   B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y

Monday, February 1, 2010

why do we need pineapple tarts during CNY?

LOL...i just found out , APIIT has amended the timetable...
celaka! tot only got one week of holiday...
and i squeezed all my holiday plan in one week and i already have the study mood.
i dun think my study mood can last until next Monday >.<

simply typed pineapple and google it ~

Pineapple in chinese sounds like "luck coming" and hence it had become an important symbol of wealth. beside that, pineapple also is a symbol of's the story History of pineapple.
(read it yourself..i find it quite interesting)

 31 Jan 2010.
found a pack of pineapple tarts flour when im looking for some canned food..
and it so happened, we have a pineapple at home...
i cook pineapple jam myself !!
hmm~ tot can keep it until CNY and show off to relatives, but ~~
hehe..H.A.B.I.S dah ! (in 1 day)
nyek nyek nyek ~


26.01.2009 Tuesday
my parents were curious and been asking why i do onde-onde coz i dun really eat that
i did these for some purpose.... (and ofcoz i wont tell you all the reason~)

-i mms-ed this pic to ahThan-
- and he replied "looks like onde-onde"- =.=
quantity of flour and caster sugar not balance
did something wrong while cooking the filling

Skin too thick
filling too little 
coconut shredded too salty

mummy- its ok for the beginner...keep it up !
daddy- taste better if i eat with eyes closed , dun taste like onde-onde,too salty,but its nice
ahThan- (he laugh until face red red) and asked "where's the inti?,u sure got inti?"
sister- you did these yourself ?(she dont believe until my mummy told her i did that myself >.<)

my mom thought my onde-onde not laku, so she sapu all by herself the next day...
daddy and sister says "you should do more ">.<
even though they complaints its not tasty, but they were craving for MORE...
damn happy <3