Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spikey ♥

-the very 1st photo of SPIKEY-

wanted to change his name to match Caramel ,
Soya?! Susu?! mushroom SOUP?!
NAH...dont sound manly at all...
so i decided to keep the original name.

mr.Spikey is 2 years old + , soon to be 3 years old...
he's huge and im sure his stomach is very very big,
because no matter how much i fed, he can finish it in few seconds.
-Spikey with his empty food bowl ~ -
-look at his innocent face ~ begging for more food huh? -
-"NO! you're obese!"-
he's a poop machine.
a good habit, poo poo and pee pee every morning.
no constipation problem !

tried to "introduce" Spikey to Mel-Mel...
but poor Spikey .....duri-duri and ears kena bitten by mel-mel....
-they look like same size here , but actually not ~ i need 2 hands to carry Spikey.-

-finally ,i dare to hold him~ after 6 days of having him-

Updates of CARAMEL
-only ahThan can made her pose like this...-
-she bite me too!-
-opps, she got stuck-
-"help! help!"-
-"haih~ dun kacau me ! im trying to play game"-
-Finally she's out~-
Mel-Mel and Spikey both are photogenic >.< *love them so much*
too much of post bout my pets recently ~
i hope you dun get bored of them ... only i know ~
why did Mr.Elan (my last sem algo lecturer) say
"A guy with a dog ,will be a good husband"
keeping a pet at home ,as they are ready to commit to someone who needs care ~
i can be a good wife in the future!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Date Night for two of us....

14.04.10 !
woooooooow! we manage to maintain the relationship for 100days >.<
feel surprise? i always thought it wont work out....

 he says my hair is smelly ~ i says his face is oily ~ 
 he says my body is sticky ~ i says his body is full of acnes ~ 
 he says my attitude is weird ! i says he's hot temper ! 
 he says i fart damn loud ! i says he fart damn smelly 
 i says he's fast and always left me behind..he says he's efficient! 
 he says i'm slow like a turtle...i says that's slow-and-steady! 
 i says he's bad..he says "as long as u like it"! 
 he says im cunning..i says "this is why u like me"! 
 i says he's a big bully..he says thats the joy being together! 
 he says i'm a childish..i says i'm happy-go-lucky! 
 i says he's too fussy, he says thats perfection! 
 he says im not feminine , i says im natural! 

ooppss....all bad things ~
but but but...i really cant think of any good thing from him ><
ok la ...ok la...
i cannot deny that he's really really a TLC♥ guy sometimes..

i wasnt especting anything from him initially..
but ahThan said he will plan everything on that day...(hmmm ~ oh ok...still doubt his ability)
woke up at 11am >.< (as expected , he's still sleeping like a pig..and refuse to wake up..)
lepak-lepak until 1pm~ ( yesh ! woke up d....)
but ~ get ready to go to sch .......(  @_@|||| )
go back to hostel , get ready to go to Subang ...
hmmmm....he gave me few option for dinner ...(what happened to his "i'll-plan-everything" ?)
at last i chose not to go expensive restaurant ,as we are trying to save money for our vacation..
so we joined his family for dinner... ( quite happy ...ahThan's grandpa is cute and talkative )
called up Andrew and Hussain for yc afterthat.
reached home at 1am, and ZZzzZZzzZZzz...

LoL, thats how we "celebrate" the 100th-memorable-day.


hmmm >.< as i mention in the previous post...
ahThan scolded me when i tried to wakes him up....
he said im very annoying and my hair irritates him >.< !!!
and he asked me to go myself !!!!
(celaka ! super-duper angry)
i packed all my stuff and wanna go back to my hostel straight.

before i leave, i talked to ahThan's grandpa for awhile...
hmm~he asked me to come home early after meeting my friend(errrrr.....takkan say no to him ~)
so i put all my stuff aside ( its dangerous to bring my lappy to the mall anyway )
i enjoyed my day with Lene, but i regretted for ignored him the whole day and got the intention to runaway ....
i shouldn't be angry ...becoz ahThan sure wake up without knowing what he had done in the morning...
waited until ahThan text-ed me, then only go back to his house ~

haaaaa! he really dunno anything !
and and he blamed me for abandoned him and enjoyed myself....
(ish !) luckily he feel sorry after knowing what happened...(hmp!)

>.< i have to fetch my sister and her friends home after their movie.
so ,ahThan and i went to sunway pyramid to watch Date Night(click)....
(Andrew recommended this show to us few times already,
 so we bought the ticket without knowing the story line..i thought it was a horror movie and ready to cover my face with hands)
oh ya ! the show is really nice...goooooo watch it...u will never regret!
ahThan laughed like mad person in the theater =.=" so do everyone else~

went to TGIF after that ~
i didnt order wrong thing this time ..eheheheheh
the bill was RM69.30 for :


-we watched different they show up when we are eating half way-


Friday, April 16, 2010

A date with 38poh.

I woke up at 9am...
took a shower and walk around in ahThan's house like direction-less fly...
2 min after bath , i sweats again....
the weather in Subang is different !
damn hot and humid >.< ishhhhh...
i atleast have to bath 3 times if i stay in Subang !

i text-ed Lene to confirm bout the Sushi Dinner date...
but i dunno how~ it became a lunch date...
i tried very hard to wake ahThan up at 11am ...
but end up kena scolding by him @.@ ishhhhh....

so i went Summit alone to meet up Lene and her friends...
Everybody knows the Sushi King Bonanza thingy right??!!
i was craving for sushi for very long time d....
but too bad i dont have the member card..
was planning to get one in Summit branch and immediate enjoy the sushi..
but we couldnt get it due to too many applicants still in the waiting list ~
September only can apply for Sushi King card.....

So we changed our plan !

Crazy #1 Random pick
went to Sunway Pyramid for Sakae Sushi...
thought got 20% off coz my sister got the member card there....
one of the staff tipu us by saying the discount is still on even we didnt bring the card..
but later on , the other staff said must atleast show the IC of the card holder if  didn't bring Sakae card.. :(

-with our Fav-

-Soba (errrr......i like the tempura beside it)-
-Lene said Vince treat her his homemade Soba last time, Vince's version is much nicer-

- i wonder ~ how come our seat is shorter than others?-
-yummm yummm-

Crazy #2 Baby room visit
my hand was stink because i touched the egg when eating Soba...
tried to ged rid of the smell with lemon...
but it isnt work ~ so must go toilet n wash hand with soap...

Lene was curious with the "press" button outside the baby room...
so i asked her to press is and see what will happen~
LOL...the auto door of the baby room we went in to explore ~~

there's one private nursing room for mummy to breast feed baby...
a water heater dispenser to make ne-ne
a small "play-ground" (or its to small to be called playground?)
and as usual la the napkin change table...

-a photo of the 2 38girl before leaving the baby room-

Crazy #3 Fake Photo stickers
i always want to take photo stickers >_< but Lene dun want to waste money taking it because she din put on make up and din dress up we did stupid thing like 

-i like the last pic the most ~-

Crazy #4 talk to stranger like we are 10 years old friend
i'm looking for Vitamin E or Flax Seed oil for Caramel, 
so Lene brought me to the pet shop, and i talked to the worker like i know him for very long ~~~ 
at first i dun wanna talk much to him..
but he also getting hoglet soon ,so he kept on asking me hedgie stuff...
and he seems very surprise when i know a lil lil bit knowledge bout snake...
i fake myself as a Terantula-keeper, i told him something bout ahThan taught me.
so so so .....muahahahah....
i got his email and i can get staff price if i go to the shop on Monday ! 


another memorable day, with Lene...<3

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

tomyam maggie soup

guess how much is this?
(im sure some of you knew coz i already post it in my fb status
,but shhh...let some others to guess)
(got it right?)

Is it expensive?
my answer is YES ! BUT IT WORTH!

we fished our own prawn....

i got 4 prawns ! ahThan only got 2!
(we got 5 free prawns...untung !)
however we didnt know what to do with the prawns..
so we asked the owner.
he said
 "ini masak toyam sedap oh ! pergi mamak ask them tambah"

here's the result
Sedap @,@
tomyam maggie soup with 11 prawns.
(can you count the prawn's head)

i wonder how many young couple to this for dating?~

.the making of.

-chicken liver the bait-

-waiting for hungry prawns-

-mereka still alive when we took them to mamak-

Sunday, April 4, 2010

it's good to have Astro

'subscribe or not to subscribe Astro'
this is a hot topic in my house for the past 6 years...
we have been arguing bout this matter for very long time ....

at last, my dad used his so-called power !
he insist to subscribe Astro and played some trick..
my mummy have to listen to him @.@

one day, my mummy called and says
'you can watch Astro this weekend when you come home'
as expected , someone is addicted to Astro~ no !no! not my sister...but my mom...
she dont even let us touch the remote control when she's watching cooking show...

but kami untung la ~
hehe...since Astro is here...every night we got special dishes >.<
but some are failed production..

today's special
-baby egg plant, my fav ..yumm yumm-
-发糕..hehe ..sudah jadi 年糕 (still taste like fatt gou)-

Saturday, April 3, 2010


ppls questioned me all kinds of funny question when they see Caramel...
aiks...why do ppl thinks hedgehog is a dangerous pet?!
  • They are just simply adorable and have a raccoon-like face with lil black eyes and small noses.
  • They got NO relationship with porcupines, their quills are as sharp as u think and it remain attached to their body.
  • They have lil white tummy with soft and short and white hairs.
  • They curl up into ball when they got frighten . their spikes will STILL REMAIN on their body ..
  • They have a stubbly tail, but its rarely be seen because they keep it close to their backside.
  • They are a low maintenance pet.
  • They eat good quality cat food or specially formulated hedgehog food. meal worms can be fed as snack.
  • They are not smelly.
  • They dont bark . and they dont need any grooming.
  • They dont need to be taken for a walk.
  • They dont climb on and chew furniture and also your smelly slippers.
  • They only need to be fed and watered. Senang sekali.

p.s: for more info bout their species ,colors ,how to breed...Mr. Google will help you on that ...
updates on Caramel
Aunty Charlene gave her a new name . Mel-Mel .
i cut her nails and now she's safe-to-play.
she finally eats after few days of fasting...she likes worms so much and she exceeded her quota for a week in one more worms for her for the next 2 week.
she's naughty and strong! A ceramic bowl is bought for her , so that she dont spill the water everyday.
ahThan made a comfortable bed room and dining room for her... but she thought the dining room is toilet >.< She bathed few days ago...with my sunflower body shampoo...hmmm~ she smelled like sunflower for ONLY one day.
oh ya! ahThan and i had a lil 'cold-war' because of her...