Monday, September 20, 2010

KahYee's Convo

i realized KY will call me everytime when she's in KL...
why? because i provide free accommodation!( only for VIP like her >.<)

the 1st thing she said is "KF ~ I'm in KL"
ha ha ! i already know what she wants..
but she never change her last minute attitude..
luckily my hostel keys was with me that day...
because i usually dont carry the keys around ~~
lucky sial budak ni....

KY, her friend and ahThan met me up in MidValley and had dinner together in SweetChat ,
went there with my colleagues that afternoon,
i brought them there again coz i think the food there was ok ~
and everybody keep on saying "anywhere" "up to you" "whatever" but still never stop complaining hungry.

-KY's friend ~ Tiger !-

i heard that the food and service is much better last time...
and the set lunch promotion was only RM9.90 per set previously.
but they increased it to RM10.90 , RM12.90, RM15.90....
So , what i think about SweetChat? a "NO NO!" when lunch time...

i was late that day ! yes again! 
being late is VERY NORMAL for me >.<
called KY a few times, but she never pick up, 
so i called SS, she picked up ! i was happily asking where is she so that i can go and find her....
hmm ~ SS was in session A, thats mean she went back ald >.<
(Sorry SS, anyway congrats for your graduation)
luckily i saw Tiger when i first enter the atrium...
abo , i cannot imagine , how to find a such tiny small lil (i never mention short) girl in a crowd.
hehe ~
-spot Kah Yee!-

after that , we went to Octopus for our late lunch , everybody's hungry after KY's Big day ~ (she very "dai pai", made everybody starve like hell) 
this was my second visit, the first time i went was in World Cup period
i wanted to eat Octopus so much ,so i googled for restaurant named Octopus...
the foods there is a lil bit pricey , but it's nice ~

i ordered Soba this time...and it's was a disappointment ! like "hot water and plain mee", i nearly add whole bottle of chili flakes in >.<
the end ~ weeeee....
we are now ADULT together ~ who need to work to earn for our own expenses.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Planned to go I-City since new year...
but everytime also tak jadi...
*rain la , ppl ffk la, suddenly dont feel like going la...*
Finally, we were there on 08-31-2010

but RM10 per entry(per car) is abit pricey >.< 
for students like us ( errr....fresh grads!)
felt so guilty to my cousins , because i forced them to join us...
but anyway, we enjoyed ourselves in the city of lights, although some of the lights is burnt
and also in Gasoline , although the mushroom soup is the only thing edible.

-Love in the air-

-typical kampung girl pose-
-i like the feel-

Saturday, September 11, 2010

i'm working at

-GfK Growth from Knowledge-
heheh..i can see your o.O face now after hearing the company's name...
i also got that expression when i first heard the name.

everybody here is friendly ...extremely friendly !
i love it ! no political issue like in APIIT TA team.
so far so good, workload getting more ,but i'm performing my work happily
maybe i'm still semangat on new thing...hopefully i wont be demotivated after some times....

expenses for food is high >.< please don complain your 5/6 ringgit food in your college..
i have to spend around 10+ for lunch , 6 for car park, 4.2 for toll and god knows how much is my petrol per day =.="

whoever come to mid valley at lunch time ~ welcome to call me out for lunch , but remember to belanja me >.< lalalalal~

Friday, September 10, 2010

PD half day trip

Port Dickson

 ahThan started to work at 9th Aug ....
didnt see him for a week is like didnt poo poo for 2 weeks...
damn suffering !

my taufu ahThan took MC leave on friday~
as a caring and loveable gf , for sure i will go to Subang to jaga him ....
*actually is bring him out go jalan-jalan*
actually he recovered immediately after seeing me~

on Saturday,
We departed around 3.30pm to PD.
my butt butt nearly numb after a 1.5 hour journey

ahThan's gong gong looks very happy to see us>.<
he cut his hair ~ became more leng chai d!
ate few biji of durian before going out for dinner~

i asked ahThan to bring me to the beach after dinner...
( the last time i went to PD was few years back with DCO classmates...miss the beach so much >.<)

we brought Lisa along...the cute lil noisy girl wanted to buy kuih muih in pasar ramadhan...
so we stopped by in pasar ramadhan(i think thats the only p.r in pd?!) to buy some kuih-muih~
oh ya! it was the 1st time i try Dadih
(tasted like pudding,but the malay guy described it as Yogurt)

-blue = male , pink =female-

-i poked Lisa's butt-

-Lisa's favorite quote-
-which is cuter?-

-Buhh Byeeeeeee PD-