Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2nd anniversary =)

My 2nd Anniversary

I'm very guilty because i left ahThan alone for 3 months..
i know he must be always emo and thinking a lot of negative thoughts!
because nobody is beside him to distract him and teman him..

Can't imagine that we made it for 2 years.
We went through a lot of stages within these 2 years..
Graduated and look for jobs together 
Being employed at the same time and work hard together
Shares problems and give encouragement to each other
Being happy and enjoy all excitements together..
Also still maintaining our relationship with a lot a lot of LOVE

I promise will love him more and be with him whenever he need me!!
*The past 3 months is not counted .hehehe

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

In Year 2011
First happy thing is "ahThan and i managed to maintain our relationship for a year " ! Yay!
I will treasure all the days we have together.

Then, I got transferred back to second level support around April where i do not need to work under a monster and able to work happily.

Celebrated my 23rd birthday with all my beloved friends and family in few days =.="( Semua berebut-rebut wanna celebrate with me)..

Around July, Knowledge exchange program was introduced and i got chosen from a few candidates after several interviews (well this proved that my performance is good,or else they wont choose me )..This also explain why I am in Germany now..

It was a hard time around August to October, because i couldn't accept the feeling of being apart soon with my family and ahThan.

During this knowledge exchange program (3 months) , I will be assigned in different departments and suppose to learn as much as i could and understand all the workload in other departments and then bring back the knowledge to Malaysia in order to reduce the knowledge gap between both countries.

I suffered from homesick + "Lovesick" within these period, but luckily ahThan and my family are very supportive, they encourage me when I'm down.
Being stressful, because all my colleagues are putting their hope on me, I was really scared that i couldn't absorb all the new knowledge within 3 months.

I never regret to accept this challenge, what I've learned is not only the knowledge in work, but also a new culture, language and community here. I'm glad to be given this opportunity. 

Well, not everyone in the world is lucky as i am.

I have big and sweet family , although we sometimes quarrel but we love each other very much.

I have a super duper good boyfriend, although he always bully me but he gives me all his Love without expecting any return.

I have bunch of intimate friends, although i do not have big quantity friends to hang around but i got good quality friends who always there for me when i need help.

I have a chance to travel and explore more at this young age,although i have to sacrifice a bit but i know this experience is rare and precious.

I have a second family in Germany ,although we don't really understand each other because of language barriers but they loves me and treated me as their own daughter and sister.

I had a great year in 2011, and i'm looking forward for a better 2012!
Happy New Year ! For those who reading this , I wish you all the best !

*Going home at 4th January , and the day will be our 2nd anniversary!! but i will be landed in Malaysia at 5th January >.< I can't wait to go home d... ok ok ~ i know i repeated this alot of times..gonna stop right here ..Grüße!