Friday, August 20, 2010

Update on my two lovelies

the lazy bum- Spikey
and the light sleeper -Mel-Mel..

sorry to kacau u all early in the morning ..sorry ~

Friday, August 13, 2010


Renaissance Hotel

i was "almost-late" on that day just like in TARC convo, everytime also late.... 
was damn nervous! scared i couldn't register in time and cannot attend the convocation...
but daddy says" Dont worry la...They sure wait for you wan..they took your RM700 d"
now you all should know how i get the bad habit of being not punctual?

luckily i passed the guest ticket to ahThan and he managed to register for me and my parents before the registration time over..

reached there 12 sharp and being called to enter the hall for group photography.
i took the group photo for 2 times >.< hehehe ...because the photgrapher broke me and ahThan up !
it wasn't easy to squeeze in and find a place to stand...thought everything is ready but the photographer asked 20 person to go down to join group B..(ahThan was one of them)
T___T i managed to smuggle into group B ...muahahahaha...

mummy bought me a flower this time, because i told her i dont wanna borrow around from strangers when taking photos.. and surprisingly, aunty also buy me a bouquet of flowers...
damn happy ! i can take pic with MY flowers >.<

-see that? MY flowers !-

-instant graduates-
i'm officially an adult.
nobody will transfer pocket money to my bank account every beginning of the month d.....

anyone want to sponsor me some pocket money?
i can pm you my mbb acc IMMEDIATELY ! LOL

gonna start work on next MidValley...
so siapa siapa who jalan jalan in MidValley during lunch time can call me out ...
(But you treat ! i takda money lea~~~) LOL

wish me luck ! good luck to all my friends too...all the best !

Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Than ah Than ♥

Every time i post in wretch blog and put password on that article sure got nothing good....
but this time diff la ~
its all about my personal feeling ~ about the convocation tomorrow , the society after work...the apart loneliness that im going to face soon T___T

My dear Charlene

Charlene Goh , a best friend of mine has celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday >.<
Let's all wish her H.A.P.P.Y   B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y ~

went to JAKEs cafe just now which located in bukit tinggi shell station(behind the burger king)
the food was nice~ the service can consider okay because they replaced my black glutinous dessert with a new one, although all the staffs seems bodoh bodoh >.<

i felt damn proud because i managed to tipu Charlene !
she really believe that everybody were busy and dont want to celebrate with her >.<
wakakaka...we even have 2 unexpected guests ~~ ahThan and Jinyu's bear bear( i actually dunno his name ).....

- Durian cake from Taman Desa(treated by Jinyu, thanks yu) -
(p.s birthday girl who dun eat durian also like it ~)

Thank you for being my friend !
 and always free up your time for me to gossip with you ...
as return, you have 30 privilege-certificate..
which can call me up anytime and i'll be there for you!
 remember only 30 so use it wisely! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Me and Movies

// hmm~ this is just a random post..ignore it.

I used to hate cinema, because it's so costly to watch movies in cinema...
i can download it for free and the most important thing is i can watch all the sex scene and disgusting things.

i changed after i watched 深海寻人 Missing 2 years ago... i downloaded it after watching it in cinema,because i likes the story soooo much ...but all the scary ghost has been cut away, i think i downloaded from 7 different sources just to find the full version of Missing.
besides that, i found out some mixed language movies with mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien will be replaced with only-mandarin version.

Now, i spent most of my free time in cinema..and i only concern about any discounts that i will get while applying for any membership cards or credit cards. the 1st question to be asked is "Any benefits to use your credit card in any cinema?"

My Friends know it's a wasting time action to invite me for movie because mostly they are only available on weekends and by the time all buddies are gathered up, i already watched the movie long long time ago >.<

my principles are:
  1. No weekends show unless got ppl willing to pay for me...heheeeee
  2. No after 6pm show unless got special things that changed me to very good mood ~~
  3. Strictly no midnight show because it's so damn expensive unless ahThan wants to watch...
  4. No couple seats.
  5. No 3D movies ( heard that it makes ppl dizzy >.< but i would like to try it someday with 100% thumbs up 3D movie)
  6. will voice up whenever there's uneducated ppl talk in the cinema or kick my chair, i will curse them too..(damn its so annoying and inconsiderate ..p.s: DO NOT invite me for movie if you're coward, do not stop me from doing it i will curse you too )
i did a survey of the pricing for all cinema in Klang valley today, because student price ticket is not applicable on me anymore T___T sad >.< but i still able tipu makan with my student card now~ but i know this can't last long....

oh ya! i watched Salt in 2D digital .. now only i know there's difference between 2D and normal one...but i didn't notice it until i checked it online new principle is AVOID 2D show next time.