Saturday, March 27, 2010

Caramel ♥

i fell in love with hedgehog after seeing this picture 7 or 8 months ago~
-cute right?-

i showed this picture to ahThan and my sis..
and "hinting" my sis by saying how good if i can keep this cute lil thing ~
but my sis said "NO !" 
so i hesitated...after so many months~
i totally forgot about hedgehog and never think of keeping it again~

but i never! never! expect that ahThan was "doing" something behind me for about 7 months!!
but he also hesitate buying it because i never mention bout hedgehog for very long time..

*thanks to Robbie's pet Sonic
he made me think of hedgehog again and again >.<

according to ahThan, his initial plan was surprise me AFTER getting the hedgehog.
ahThan initial plan has failed ~
because he told me BEFORE he got the hedgehog..
but he really did surprise me at that time ..
.____. i almost scream out +hug him  + squeeze him >< 
but but i manage to control myself ~ and pretended calm....

ahThan thought i will suspect him because of his surreptitious action recently..
so he told me everything before i distrust him ~
(Dear ahThan : dun worry , i know im lovely enough ~u wont go and 'curi-makan' wan" )
TaDa ! my 1st pet after so many years....
-the very 1st pic of CARAMEL-
-photogenic tak?-

too excited after i received MMS from ahThan yesterday until i dream bout him and Caramel last night @.@

Caramel still staying with ahThan.....
hmm~ can wait until i see her personally on next Monday ~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Black Eyed Peas..I got a feeling on Oprah Chicago 24th

can't embed the video here,
Click on the links below...
That was cool >.< wish i was there~

The Black Eyed Peas-i gotta feelin-HD

Click Me

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

According to .....

According to the timetable  , 50 days left to complete my FYP...and and assignments and exams~

(Apa macam ni?)

According to Doctor, i still need my braces on for another 1 year plus, because one of my wisdom tooth havent pop out and another one also need to be straighten. 

(Hehe...i love braces~)

According to weighing scale, i need to stay away from foods....

(dah macam baloon >.<;)


According to my purse, i need to stop wasting money or else i have to downgrade to roti canai for every meal.

(but but ~ apa pun naik harga...)


According to my stomach , i need to drink poo-poo tea more often so that i can stay away from gastric.

(  gastric tak bagus :p , but i enjoy the TLC from my maid+body guard ♥ )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

new year. new color.

Cameron oh Cameron...
a place that makes us think of strawberries...
a place that we need to hug each other to get warmness..
a place that we can buy C.H.E.A.P vegetables...(only if u know how to potong harga)
a place that we can sit down and enjoy the starry night ~
a place that we dun need aircond and fan all the times..

*picture taken by Jonathan*

-this should be edited, but i lazy la...tunggu ahThan to do- 
-Boh Tea plantation-

-by his sigma lens-
-the mamak's special !( craving for it nowww)-
-the girls-
i kinda miss that place now ~~

its so stuffy in my hostel ! they are painting the whole apartment..
so cannot open windows and doors >.< very bad air ventilation .....

well ~ i like that color they painted in my harmony ~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Never ask why I love you, just accept that I do.

muahahhahaha *__*
nyek nyek nyek...

O.o i'm insane?yes i am...
(although i know he's a 99.9% bad guy)