Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Lunchie >.<

Fianlly , transferred all my photos from my hp...all these photos taken soooooooo long ago...

Simply look trough the advertisement booklet that day (forgotten when) when deciding what to eat for lunch...
Ben suggested tong sui (hmmm...felt so surprise when ben said he wants to have desserts for lunch ><)

-kiwi ......- (forgot the name) 
-durian cake-
nyek nyek....washed our mouth alot alot of times after eating this
-curry fish balls-
(abit weird when it comes with all sweet stuffs) 
-kuew tiaw with mango-
i just love to try odd stuff, it taste like jelly...NICE!
(at least better than ben's kiwi-.... =P) 

high-heel sequelae

.walked around in the resource lab for 3 hours with bare foot
and this is the result>>do not wear 4 inches high heel when you are working.....

Friday, August 28, 2009

its Wednesday><

i LOVE Wednesday~~
because , popcorn ! movie ! shopping ! and makan !

our initial plan is to go midvalley,
but all car park are full ,
so we changed our plan to cineleisure

the movie ticket is only rm6?! so cheap....
went to Kluang station in Ikano.
so hungry >.<><

-Nasi Lemak Ayam Merah- (forgot to take photo of my mee siam, too hungry d)
-Than's favorite TehTarik n my cute lil syrup Bandung-

after lunch , went to pet shop and choose snake...
but ahThan was so choosy , so didn't manage to buy any .

a BIG X to District 9....
so so soo boring ~.~"
but i enjoyed my popcorn...
because ahThan didnt fight with me ..hohoho...
thanks to those alien in District 9...ahThan felt disgusted when seeing the alien in that movie ..


after movie , as usual !
hmmm...we took very long time to decide what to eat for dinner..... last , i suggested to go bkt in somewhere under the bridge...
dunno the shop name ~
well known as "bkt-under-the-bridge"
VERY nice ~~


my lovely Wednesday ~~~~

my beloved car

-Speechless--speechless again-
it never be the same as last time, sorry dear...
I promise,I'll treat you better from now....


WARNING ! Please don't read this post if you are afraid of snake (p.s to my mummy )

Everybody will open their eye O.o when they know i keeping a snake in my room..
and asked "why are you keeping it?"
hahaha....i also dunno first, like the others i also afraid of it..
i just want to help my friend to keep it for some time until she get new home...
but now i love her...

when my friend told me that he's going to sell it away...
i was like "huh.....really?! pls dont......T___T "
(i treat her as my pet already...)
im glad that my friend changed his mind for selling her away...
she can continue staying with me now!!! weeee!!!

don't you think it's cool to have a snake as a pet?
they only need to be fed once a week or maybe a month ? (very cheap food cost, not like puppy food)
no need to send them for hair grooming ( grooming for puppy need rm25 per week)
its so easy to take care of them...just need to make sure they got water
but their poopoo is quite smelly ~~~

erm....actually i dont really know much about snake...
but you will get addicted when you explore more about me!
for more info (my friend's lil bloggie about his snakessss)

Qiang !Qiang !Qiang !qiang ~~~~
-i love this photo-
she is sooooo FAT..isnt she?
(FYI, she grows so fast,because her owner fed 3 mices in a row last month....)

Monday, August 24, 2009

i cut my hair AGAIN

its ugly now...i know...
pls! stop teasing me >.<

regret ~.~"

dare not to go near the mirror recently...
waiting for my hair to grow ....

(got any magic that can make our hair grow faster?!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

no more holidays~

flashback what have i done for past 2 months...
wasting my time ~~

initial plan:
1. complete my nail art course
2.enjoy the holiday till the max till i broke (ermmmm...actually planned for few years d)
5.go for rescue diver course
6.100 outing with friends
7.duty as much as i could

end up:
1.forgot to ask for tuition fee , so drag for few weeks until now.
2.H1N1 spoiled my plan~ no more Australia~no more P.Ketam mood to shop... time la~

5.parents disagree , no money to pay myself. so forget about it ~
6.Shuyi nXhin kat Kampar, ahThan working, lene not free , sunhui n sufen MIA, Jinyu got bear dun want us d....
7.When the working-mode mood is here, i got no transportation~

hopig for another 2months holiday >.<

Thursday, August 13, 2009


how do i determine which are true friend?no guide line for this?
giving out my true heart and feeling to all of my friends.

In the end ,
what i got from them?
( hello ! i know you since primary school! RM6 is expensive ,now i know !)

Title of "princess" ? "girl born with gold spoon"?
(sounds like i'm buying friendship from you all....)

i really regret for treating those ppl as FRIENDS!

8828 VS 6398

what so nice with 8828?
RM4000 to tender the number?
another RM2000 to spray on the 4 windows

i would rather spend RM350 for my 6398
weEeeEe!!! my 6398 is M-E-A-N-I-N-G-F-U-L

Thursday, August 6, 2009




cannot continue d
**vomit vomit**
how's my writing skill? can write love letter to tipu siu didi?

back to my topic~

Lene Lene

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY !!

-my XIAH (now became yours d) muahaha... wish you and xiah happy together T___T (macam kena rampas bf)-

Monday, August 3, 2009


all because of a N.A.P
i usually dun take nap in the afternoon,
but there's really something wrong with me
felt really really sleepy...

my sister were begging me to fetch her to sunway pyramid when i was sleeping..
(can drop her in sunway
pyramid on the way to setapak)

"NO WAY , go away !dun disturb me ! dun spoil my routine by your sudden plan!"
so , she told my mom she's not going out..
and my mom thought i'll be also staying at home...
-woke up-
-prepared myself-
-walk out from the house-

" eh?! kereta mana?"

i called my mom and she want me to go to my uncle's house to exchange the car with her.
"fine ! but i dunno how to go setapak using federal highway ...its too troublesome if i want to turn back into kesas highway from my uncle house"
"nvm~ i got G.P.S!!"

-on my way-
hmmm...lost my way few times.
so i called my friend for help
finally i got the way

BUT the GPS is making noise and keep on saying
"hmmm?! so? "

i looked at the GPS (for while) and i bang something

myvi >> wira >> camry
chinese girl >> malay guy>> indian guy
1 malaysia ! one accident involve THREE races!

if i didnt sleep at that time,my sister wont told my mom she not going anywhere.
if my mom know that i'll be going out, she wont drove my car away
if she din drove the car away, i would be using kesas as usual.
if use kesas as usual , i wont use GPS to guide me the way
if im not using GPS ,i wont be lost for few times ~

i really speechless when i found this my car while packing my stuff....
im not sure im smiling or starring at it when i saw it.
(the fish-fish clip, lost it since i own the car...rupa-rupanya it's in the car for 3 years!!!)