Monday, December 19, 2011

18.12.2011 The snow has finally arrived!

I woke up with some snow flakes falling from the sky , but it stopped around 10am..
quite disappointing,  and because Damian told me that he just look out the weather forecast and told me that it's getting warmer next week and we won't have white Christmas.

I prayed very hard and hope to see the snow since the day i arrived in Germany.
皇天不负苦心 !!!!
The snow finally arrived.. DAMN DAMN DAMN HAPPY !
but then the Kabala family is more excited than me to see the snow.
Aunty Gabi was jumping and screaming "Kwai Fei , Schnee! Schnee! Schnee!Photo!schneller!" LOL..

Anyway , the snow doesn't look like they are going to stay until next week. 
We gonna have grey and dirty street tomorrow i think >.<

-This one cannot eat !-
-Uncle Christoph with me-

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